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Last weekend when Tbug was over, my mom called us up and asked if “the girls” wanted to go shopping with her.  We thought sure, why not!  Hubby was going to be running errands so we made plans to meet up for lunch.  My mom’s on a bit of a particular diet right now so usually, we let her choose where she can eat and she chose Maria’s Mexican Grill & Cantina.

Hubby wound up beating us to our lunch destination so he ordered cheese dip.  Now usually we eat breakfast, but this day we didn’t and so hubby, Tbug and I devoured this cheese dip.  I really like the white cheese dips that have a hint of heat but aren’t tooo spicy.  I’m not even sure I tried the salsa, but I’ve had it before and yum!

Because we devoured the chips and cheese dip, we were all a little on the full side by the time our meal came.  Fail!

Hubby ordered the Chicken Chimichanga.  Basically it’s a deep-fried chicken burrito covered in cheese sauce.  It came with a side of rice and beans.  I tried a bite and almost thought I made the wrong decision!

I love how at Mexican restaurants they offer cheeseburgers on the kiddo’s menu and Tbug actually went with a cheeseburger and fries.  Gotta love it!

Mom went with the Chicken Fajitas.  I love it because she’s pretty predictable at any Mexican restaurant.  She’ll generally always go for the Fajitas, the meat just changes up.

I wonder if I get my predictability from my momma because I’m fairly predictable as well.

I went with 2 cheese enchiladas covered in cheese sauce double rice (no beans).

The excitement here was the cheese enchilada was yellow cheese with white cheese sauce.  HOLY COW yum!  I’m sold!  Usually, it comes in enchilada meat sauce but I went for the cheese sauce because I’m cool like that.

I mentioned that we were fairly full from the chips so we brought home leftovers and had dinner the next night.  Can’t beat it!

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