Clantons Cafe – Vinita, OK

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Friday morning Abug and I loaded up with Karen and Jared and headed down by Bartlesville, Oklahoma, for a Rendezvous at Woolaroc (post to come). Once hubby was off work he headed to get Tbug and then they headed down to meet us.

On our way down, we got off at Vinita (I get made fun of because I didn’t know how to get to Bartlesville… I’ve never driven there… just ridden and not paid attention….). Jared asked if we were hungry and we all agreed it was time to eat lunch. He asked if I’d ever eaten at Clanton’s Cafe. Nope, never heard of it. Shows how bad of a foodnetwork person I am since Guy Fieri went there on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives… woops!

When we got there, Abug stayed at the table with J&K and I went to the bathroom. Now I must admit I had to wait for a minute for someone who was already in there, but while I was in there I got carried away laughing at all the signs on the walls so once I got back to the table, well I was laughing my butt off plus it took a little longer. Hey, there were a lot of signs. Don’t worry I did my blogger duty and took pictures for you….

Anyway, back to the menu. One thing that Vinita has every year is a Calf Fry festival. Now if you don’t know what calf fries are, they’re also known as Rocky Mountain Oysters, Ozark Mountain Oysters, or Calf nuts. Yup, all the same….

Clanton’s had Calf Fries so Jared had to get them in honor of Tbug since she wasn’t able to be there with us. I’m not a huge fan of them, but Jared told me I had to try one, so I did. They were the most tender (tenderest?) calf fries I’ve ever tried I have to admit. They weren’t bad. Still not sure I’d order them for myself, but they were pretty good.

It came with the vegetable of the day, a potato, and a salad.

On the kids menu, they didn’t have a kids size burger, so Abug got an adult burger. Karen got a Cheeseburger, and I went for a Bacon Cheeseburger. I’d go back just for the burger. They are the good, diner style cheeseburgers! The fries tasted fresh. While I like a good crisp fry, these weren’t, and they were still really good. We didn’t get Abug fries, instead she shared with the rest of us. It was a good thing too because we all had fries leftover.

So all weekend long we bragged about eating here and the fact that Jared got Calf fries. We were able to pack up and leave early on Sunday because of the impending storm and windy conditions. I googled Clanton’s and found out they were open 11-2 so we were able to get packed up and out of there in time to eat dinner (lunch) on Sunday. We figured that since we bragged about calf fries, we’d take hubs and Tbug there to try.

When we got there, they had an entirely different Sunday menu, which included no calf fries. Bummer! When the waitress came to take our order, we asked about that. She said normally they didn’t do them on Sunday but she’d ask the manager (owner maybe?) and let us know. They said they’d be willing to make some for us. How sweet was that?!?! So Hubby, Tbug, and Jared got their calf fries.

Abug went with applesauce and shared my Chicken Fried Steak with me. My Chicken Fried Steak. Oh yum! It was a nice size (sometimes they’re so huge). The mashed potatoes lacked a little flavor in my opinion but the gravy was good. I also had green beans and a salad with ranch.

Karen went with a fried chicken salad. She ate the whole thing so that means it was good, right? She said she only was missing a hard boiled egg. Not to bad :).

Then on Sunday’s our meals came with rolls. and Banana pudding for a dessert. Yum!

Let’s just say we didn’t walk away hungry. The food was excellent! And it was cool that they were willing to make the calf fries on Sunday. Awesome!

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