Waterfront Grill – Jenks OK

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This weekend we took a group trip to Jenks, OK, outside of Tulsa to go to the Oklahoma Aquarium. We left right after church, so by the time we got to Tulsa it was noon and we were a hungry bunch. Our vehicle was the lead vehicle so they left it up to us to find the restaurant. Kimmy got on her cell phone and started researching restaurants in the area and that’s when we came upon Waterfront Grill.

I’m oh so glad she found this restaurant too, as was everyone else. Totall awesome!

When we got there and told them it was 8 plus a high chair, they said it would be about a 30-45 minute wait. Then not even 5 minutes later they asked if we had a problem sitting outside. We told them no because the weather was great plus they had their heaters running. So we were seated within 5 minutes. And this was our view for the meal.

Hubby, Rachele, and Doug decided they were going to order sushi. We got one and they got the other. I say we, I asked them to save me a piece of each because even though I’m not crazy about it, I’m willing to try. You never know, someday I may just like sushi/fish….

They got the Bonzai Roll. Spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, & jalapeño topped with fresh eel and eel sauce. Served on a skillet that is on fire. (side note, wow I didn’t know I was eating eel…. yikes!)

We got the Riverwalk Roll. Tempura asparagus, avocado, spicy crab, & tempora shrimp topped with eel, salmon, ahi tuna, eel sauce & Sriracha

I have to say theirs was better, but I still wasn’t crazy about it.

So I got the Smoked Turkey Ciabatta. Warm shaved turkey, Havarti cheese, chipotle Mayo, roasted red bell peppers, arugula, & bacon. It was supposed to come with fries but I subbed in Cheddar, Bacon, Jalapeño mashed potatoes. So first off, the sandwich… totally awesome. I’d definitely get it again no question asked. The Mashed potatoes, definitely worth the swap, although I wish I’d have gotten Abug some fries. Long story.

So the kids menu was comprised of breakfast type food… it was brunch style food. So we got Abug waffles since that’s close to pancakes and she loves pancakes. She ate them okay. I didn’t try any but Tbug said they were oka.

Tbug went with the Catfish fillets. She said they were really good. She liked the fries too, but didn’t care for the coleslaw. Again, long story.

Hubby got the Baja Burger. I can’t find the description of it, but let me tell you, the description is YUM! So he subbed fries for the Mashed potatoes too. Again, darn, too bad we didn’t get fries for Abug.

This was definitely worth the wait! I’m so glad Kimmy found this place!

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