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So a while back hubby had to make a trip for work. They sent him to Allen, Texas. I really meant to blog about this like 2 months ago because let’s be honest, I like to blog :)… but I kind of didn’t. So I saw this sitting waiting to be blogged and I decided now was as good of time as any, otherwise it might be like next year before I get to it. That would be horrible! So with his help, here’s his work trip to Allen, Texas.

This was actually within that span of going to Kansas City for Service Tech training in Scuba Diving and a trip to Chicago. I’m pretty sure my wife felt like she was a single parent for about a month. Sorry hunny, I love you!

So work put us up in the Homewood Inn & Suites in Allen Texas. We got in later in the evening and didn’t spend a whole lot of time at the hotel. But the bed was nice and the room was nice too. Definitely a good stay.

They had complimentary breakfast in the morning. They actually had complimentary dinner and beer in the evenings but we didn’t partake in the dinner or the beer. The breakfast was good. As you can see the first morning I had hashbrowns, eggs and sausage. I knew if I didn’t take a picture my wife would disown me. The second morning I had a waffle in the shape of Texas.

The first night we were in town we got to go see an ice hockey game. It was the Allen Americans. I have no idea who they were playing though. This wasn’t my first ice hockey game but I know that I made my wife jealous (envious?) because she’s always wanted to go watch ice hockey live.

Work had food catered in. The hockey arena did the catering and the food was very good.

One day lunch was Village Burger Bar there in Allen.

I went with a Cheffed up burger, Cheddar cheese, bacon, caged free fried egg, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and village sauce, hold the tomato. With a side of Sweet potato fries. Hello YUM. Definitely recommend this.

One evening we ate at Cheesecake Factory there in Allen. We really didn’t leave Allen for food to be honest although I did suggest going in to Ft. Worth but that didn’t happen. Oh well no biggie because the food never disappointed.

We got an appetizer of Fried Shrimp to share amongst all of us. YUM!

I went with Gumbo for my meal. I like gumbo and this definitely was good.

Our last day there for lunch we ate at Rudy’s BBQ.

One thing about Texas, you can’t come here and not eat bar-b-q, right? I had the sausage and ribs with a side of beans. It was very good. Very very very good to be honest.

So I can tell you, if you go to Allen, Texas, the food won’t disappoint! Now I’ll turn this thing back over to my wife.

And that my friends is how I live vicariously through my husband, especially when it is crunch time, the last few weeks of school for the semester. Now… just think, we’re getting ready to start school semester all over again. lawdy help me!

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