KC Chiefs Helmets & Flip Flops {Sugar Cookie 8-12}

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Hey, guys, I mentioned my Sugar Cookie Challenge… Well, I’ve been busy at it. The pictures above are Sugar Cookie orders 8-12. One order of 3 dozen, and 2 orders of 1 dozen apiece. Four of those 5 dozen were specifically KC Chiefs Helmets, the other 1 dozen order was… whatever. So I chose Flip Flops.

Now here’s something interesting about this particular batch of cookies… Earlier this year when I was still “studying” sugar cookies, I bought a book. Wow, what a concept. By the way, it was a hardback book versus a kindle book. I love the feel and smell of real books! There’s something ever so sweet about that.

Anyway, It had a Vanilla Sugar Cookie Recipe in it. I’ve had my sugar cookie recipe all along, but something told me, try this recipe. So I did.


it held shape better… But it was missing something. That something was almond flavoring. My original cookie recipe I’d been using had that hint of almond flavoring I just adored. I was missing that. Otherwise, the recipe held the cookie shapes really, really well. Hmmm… I guess I’ll go back to the drawing board and maybe come up with my own cookie recipe. Wish me luck.

So the flip flops… making them just about killed me. Why? Well they were a special request… not in the shape or the coloring/design, but in the baking process. They wanted the bottoms crisp. I kind of pride myself on the soft, chewiness of my cookies and baking these longer, I was on edge. I didn’t want to burn them. I was so worried about burning them. I quit cooking them at double the baking time. I couldn’t take it anymore. I sure hoped they were done enough. I’m not sure.

I went ahead and decorated the flip flops up Chiefs colors because we were going to a Chiefs game. My friend Carlene, who I made these for, is all about flip flops (so I’m told… I’ve never paid attention really) and Chiefs. Double whammy.

So on my challenge, this was another 5 dozen to add to my 300 dozen I have to sell. I doubt I’ll ever make it to that point, but I’ll sure give it a go. I’m currently at 12 dozen/300 dozen.

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