Hurricane Harvey

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#Repost @borntopharm (@get_repost) ・・・ A few thoughts that have been on my ❤ all day. The flooding & devastation in Texas is unfathomable. It’s catastrophic & so many people have lost everything. The flooding is only expected to get worse as the rain isn’t predicted to let up until Thursday. It’s great to see my news feed filled with “Pray for Texas” posts. It’s awesome to see people supporting those affected & offering up prayers! It’s absolutely true that the people of Texas need prayers right now, & I’m not discounting anyone’s posts related to that. However, how often do we post, “Pray for ________” and then don’t actually take a moment and thoughtfully pray for the things the people of our post need? I know I’m guilty of this. I’m not telling anyone how or what they should pray for. I’m simply asking you to take time to sit without distractions & offer up your thoughts & prayers for everyone affected by Hurricane Harvey. Then, what if we all take things a step further & put our prayers into action? I believe, by doing this, big things & miracles will happen! If you think about it, someone in Texas is praying to be rescued, someone is praying for shelter, for food, for medicine, for clothing, for water, for someone to find their pet, for strength to go out on another rescue call, for a hug, & for someone to tell them, “it will be ok.” When you put your prayers into action, YOU can be the answer to THEIR prayers! How awesome is it to think about it that way?! If you’re called to help, then put that call into action! If you’re able to go to Texas, do that. If you can’t, then find something you can do where you are. Take up clothing or food donations, or donate to a relief organization. Everyone can do SOMETHING, no matter how small. Small efforts completed by many people add up to BIG results! So yes, pray for Texas, the people of Texas, and all of the people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Then, I encourage you to follow up that prayer with action, because you don’t know how many people in Texas are praying for YOU to be the answer to their prayers right now. Relief options:

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If you’ve been anywhere that news has been reported or even around people, you know that Hurricane Harvey hit Houston hard. I’m sitting here this morning in my chair, I posted a funny photo on Instagram about how my coffee pot wouldn’t work, yet there are those who are sleeping on counters, rooftops, and just totally displaced from their home.

There are news stories, media coverage, videos, photos, you name it, it’s out there of the devastation that has hit Houston. With the state of the country and how we are so torn apart, it is funny to see how people don’t worry about race, sex, agenda, political stance, anything when it comes to rescuing people. It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, purple, green, hairy, male, female, democrat, republican, it doesn’t matter. When there is devastation in this country, people come running to help everyone.

We saw this when the Oklahoma City bombing happened in 95, the World Trade towers fell in 01, the Joplin Tornado happened in 2011. These tragedies bring us together. Our country unites as one. We become One Nation Under God. And you can sit there and say, why does God allow these things to happen? Well, that is something most of us can’t really explain. We have ideas and beliefs as to why, but it is something we just can’t explain. But one thing is for sure, we know that God is there.

When the Joplin Tornado hit, people talked about the Butterfly People. When the World Trade Towers fell, people talked about all the mysterious things that happened. It is obvious that God has a presence in all of this. He is there with us. Maybe, this is just another one of those, Bring this Country together thing. We are so divided. There is so much hate these days. I don’t care whose fault it is… that doesn’t matter. Point blank, there is a lot of diversity and hatred toward fellow men, but when something like this happens… People come together. We unite as one. We are the United States. 50 states to be exact.

People are flocking to Houston. Companies such as Anheuser-Busch are stopping beer production to produce water to get to the people of Houston. People are donating money and time. Rescue efforts. Etc etc etc. The stories just keep coming in about all the selfless acts that take place during tragedies like this.

Yet, there is the flip side of the spectrum. The people who (pardon my language) bitched because President Trump had a trip planned to Springfield, MO, instead of Houston, Texas. Yet then when he rerouted to Houston, they bitched that he was there. That may be a side note, just something worth noting as well. Or the fact that now that Hurricane Harvey has headed on East and is hitting Beaumont, those people were put under curfew’s because people were parading around as police officers, making people evacuate, and then going back and robbing their houses. There’s always 2 sides to every story I guess. Something to keep in mind with all the hate of this country right now.

But the thing to focus on here is there are people hurting. People that need help. They’ve been displaced from their homes. They have no idea what they will go home to, if anything. There are people out there working countless hours trying to help those who are still in need. The National Guard and the Coast Guard, and EMS people from around the country as well as just people who are volunteering their time and energies to help the people of Houston and the surrounding areas. They work countless hours. No pay, no food sometimes, no sleep. But none of that matters to them. Our country is coming together to help.

If you want to help but don’t know where to start, click here, NPR has a great list of foundations. And if all else fails, pray. Pray for the victims and the helpers, pray for the country, just pray. Prayer can do a lot. I’ve seen it in my own life, although I’ve never really shared why I believe in the power of prayer. (and maybe never truly will tell….)

One last thing… This video is long, but it’s soooooooo worth it.



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