7 Marriage Advice Tips

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In 7 days it will be 7 years. And, that lighting makes me look like I have a mustache? I mustache why… ha!

Almost 7 years. Do I have it all figured out? Do you want marriage advice? Yeah… I’m not sure I could give you any…

Why? Well obviously because

  1. Marriage is hard.
  2. Every marriage is different.
  3. It’s only been almost 7 years… I don’t have all the answers.
  4. Yeah….

I heard either just before I was planning my wedding, or maybe while I was planning my wedding to pay attention to the planning process. It would be an indication of how the marriage would go. What?

Planning our wedding was easy for the most part. We had a few hiccups. But most of that time, from the time he proposed to the actual wedding day, we felt like we were sitting around twiddling our thumbs wondering what we were forgetting.

  • Flowers… check
  • Photographer… check
  • Dress… check
  • Tuxes… check
  • Wedding hall…. check
  • House to live in… check

What were we forgetting? Seriously, what were we forgetting? Turns out, we had all our t’s dotted and our i’s crossed… or something like that.

So here’s the advice I can give you….

Nicole’s Marriage Advice

  1. Have a sense of humor. You’re going to need it… seriously. Life is hard, just turn on the tv and you’ll immediately see, life is HARD!
  2. Don’t sweat the small stuff. I tell myself this every day, but it’s true. Will this matter a minute, an hour, a day, 7 years down the road?
  3. Respect. You have to have respect for each other. If you can’t respect each other, how do you expect to make it?
  4. Never give up. huh? Don’t give up learning about each other. Don’t give up date nights. Don’t give up pursuing each other. Don’t give up talking to each other. Don’t give up spending time together. Don’t give up your alone time too. Just don’t give up. Sometimes there is that fine line you have to walk, but learn that line and walk it.
  5. Don’t forget why you are together. There was obviously something that drew you to each other, right? If not… maybe rethink that. haha. I’m not a marriage counselor, don’t totally listen to me… But seriously, what brought you two together? Focus on that. Learn from that. Gain from that. And if all else fails, get a frying pan and beat them over the head… okay forget that last statement. I’m not here to promote violence!!
  6. Bring 100% to the relationship. You aren’t just a 50/50 relationship… you bring 100% and they bring 100%. Sometimes that’s hard. I know. I really do. Marriage is hard. You get annoyed at each other. I really hate with my darling, dear, sweet husband snores at night and keeps me awake. He hates when I “speak” for him. Those are just examples. I know there are more things we both do that annoy the crap out of each other, but that’s what happens. It’s life. We’re married. At the end of the day, ask yourself, would you marry this person all over again tomorrow if you had the opportunity? I would. Although there are a couple things I would do differently about my wedding, we’re not focusing on that today.
  7. Marriage is hard. I can’t tell you to give up or not give up. That’s not my place and I don’t know your story. But really decide if that’s truly what you want and then give it all you have. Or if you have to, step away. Do what is best for you. That’s the best advice I have.

Holy cow, 7 years… where has the time gone? Should we take a look at all the things that have changed? Maybe tomorrow!


One thought on “7 Marriage Advice Tips

  1. Congratulations! Many more happy, blessed years to you both!

    We just passed 43 in July.

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