Multiple Stories – We’ll call it confession Friday :)

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I really like stories, so today I have quite the story for you :).

Back in 2009 I had a big group of friends that got together every month and we referred to ourselves as The Dinner Club. Our goal was to go to local restaurants that weren’t chain restaurants. Usually we liked Business Casual or dressier but we made a few exceptions every now and again. Okay so one night we went to Bayou. This was like in May.

Okay now jump forward, I think to October that year…. Hubby had moved home from Ft. Campbell and it was my dad’s birthday. We thought it might be fun to take him to eat for his birthday at Bayou but we didn’t want to tell him where we were going. I jumped in the driver’s seat, had him get in the passenger seat and everyone else got in the truck. Then we drove to Monett. He asked me where we were going and for some reason we all said, Mazzio’s in Monett.

So Mazzio’s in Monett has been the joking answer for a long time to a lot of What’s for Dinner questions.

Now we’re in the year 2015, my dad has recently gotten a new job, and when Tbug found out it was in Monett she said, “So we can meet grandpa for lunch at Mazzio’s in Monett.”

Last week Tbug was with us from Wednesday evening through Sunday evening so I thought it would be fun to drive down and meet up with my dad for lunch. I mentioned it to my mom and she was game because she likes Mazzio’s so it was set.

They have lunch buffet so we went down and ate lunch with dad. I even got to meet his new boss. Now what I can tell you about Mazzio’s. I like Mazzio’s as well. Their pizza is good, but truthfully the real reason I prefer this place over others is their Ranch dressing. Do I sound crazy, well maybe, but it’s the TRUTH! I like it so much I even went for seconds on the salad. Yup yup :). Trying to turn over a healthier lifestyle. ha! you know because Ranch dressing is sooooo healthy :).

Okay so fess up time… when I was a little kid and we’d go to places that had salad bars. My favorite thing to get was a salad bar, but really I went for croutons, cheese and ranch dressing. It upset my parents that’s all I got so they refused to let me get a salad bar until I learned to eat lettuce too :).

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