Engagement Photos

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Prince Charming and I have been waiting until we could get our engagement photos taken. It seemed like it never was going to come. Too cold, too rainy, no green, whatever… no time in schedules, but finally the day came. The guy who did our family photos also did our engagement photos and is the backup photographer for our wedding. Taylor emailed me this week and asked if we wanted to do engagement photos one night this week after work. Hey works for us because then we’d hit the “golden hour” anyway and not have to wait so cool. He suggested Wednesday, Prince Charming has night class; Thursday, I had a meeting at 7 pm; Friday I’m headed for Texas wedding dress shopping… we finally agreed on Thursday, after I got off work but before I had to be to my meeting at 7. Wooohoooo. And boy doing the photos last night just made this feel all that more real! It was GREAT!!! Taylor got us a cd first thing this morning too of the photos. No touch ups have been done, they are all SOOC (straight out of Camera) but even at that, they look great! Here’s a sneak peek at some of them. Don’t forget they are sooc and they will be touched up before we get them :).

I am the Sunglasses queen. I can’t go anywhere without trying on Sunglasses so we had to do a shot like that 🙂

It was cool, a train was coming through while we were doing photos!

Remember sooc but I love this shot!

This was the minute it all felt real!

This is my sweetheart!!!!!!!

I saw this shot done and knew I wanted one like it.

Well hello, Courthouse… yeah we grew up in this city and this is one thing it’s known for! (haha and I was standing on a tailgate leaning over and my butt was so sticking up in the air for all to see hahaha!!!)

We had many more photos taken, I just grabbed a select few that I like. I’ve so far narrowed it down from 145 to 14, but that’s just my choice, I’ve only been through once, and I have no idea which ones Prince Charming likes… but this is my baby!

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