10 Things to Smile About August

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Saturday evening I was sitting at my grandma’s table playing Aggravation with my grandma, dad, husband, and Tbug, Abug was switching laps she sat on. I received a text from my mom saying that a girl that I grew up showing horses with had been killed in a head-on collision Friday night. It hit me hard. Yes, we’ve drifted off through the years but still, I grew up with her competitively showing horses against her, yet we’re still a close family!

I hated to say anything on Facebook as well as on here simply because I asked for prayers for her family. I was not trying to make this about me in any way, shape, or form. I ask for prayers for her family. They’re the ones suffering. Yes, I was heartbroken to hear the news, but it isn’t about me, it’s about healing for her family. I wanted to make that clear.

I get accused sometimes of living in my own world. Usually, it is when someone is trying to get under my skin… especially if I’m ticked off already… fight fair, what’s that? But there is a lot of heartache in the world. That’s why it is always fun to participate in Emmy Mom‘s 10 Things to Smile About Memoir. Life is difficult, so any reason to smile is a good thing. And if you can laugh, that’s even better. Plus as an added bonus you burn 5 calories every time you laugh.

So now… 10 Reasons why I smiled in the month of August.
1. I’m really thinking that this post could be summed up by Vacation!

2. Parasailing!!!

3. Planting my derriére in the sand and my feet in the ocean!


4. Eating with friends from home but 10 hours away.

5. Deep-sea fishing, finally! Mark that off the bucket list!!

6. Going to the dark side and actually ordering fish for my meal. It was soooo good it was worth it. Now my grandma loves to point out that when I was a kid, she used to bring Captain D’s home for dinner and I’d eat all my fish and half of my grandpa’s.

7. Adding more sand to my collection. Now I really need to figure out what to actually do with it!!

8. My shugie bear turned another month older… she’s not 14 months old.

9. I got my photo wall back!!

10. Even though my grandpa passed away in 2010, we still celebrate his birthday! It might be weird to some people… but it’s in his honor!

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