A Fairing we will go…

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If there’s one thing I did when I was growing up, it was growing up at the county fair (and the district fair and the state fair….).  I started showing sheep the summer I turned 15 and ended my showing career when I was 21, the oldest you can be (in FFA it is 4 Novembers after you graduate).

This last week was our county fair. On Thursday Abug and I met up with a friend for lunch and some other friends stopped by to talk to us. They asked if I had been to the fair yet and I told them no. I think it shocked everyone. Hubby and I did have plans to go, just haying season took over as did life and so our plans were to go out Friday night. And that’s just what we did.

Last year Abug was able to experience the fair at like 2 weeks old. Everyone thought we were crazy for having her out there, but like I said, I grew up in these show barns so it didn’t seem all that crazy to me. I was a fair kid.

I’m not going to lie, I sure hope she’s involved in showing and continuing the 6th generation farmer and on to future generations. I guess only time will tell.

These two girls are roughly 4 months apart with Abug the oldest. The last time they were together PN was a few weeks old and both girls were sacked out experiencing their first “Play date” ha! And now, good luck getting them to both look at the camera, little lone smile!

And these two have the same name. Last year when we brought Abug to the fair we got a picture of them together so I decided that maybe this should be a yearly tradition. Now Abug was so intrigued by the cattle that getting her to look at the camera… yeah right!

But when presented the opportunity to pet a cow, nope, she didn’t want any part of that. Eventually I got her to pet one of the cows.

Then we took her over to my old stomping ground, the lamb barn. Now the lamb barn shares digs with the goats and the chickens. Boy she loved the goats… don’t tell grandpa, PLEASE!

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