Pickup Trucks

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I’m not gonna lie…. There’s Something about a pickup {man}

Tell me you know that song right?  Joe Diffy?  Ringing any bells?

Well anyway… if not, google it!

Over the weekend the hubs, {step}daughter, pups and I had a mini photo shoot.  I just pulled hubby’s truck down in the field, we got the tripod and wireless remote out, set a 2-second delayed timer for the remote so we could hide it and wound up taking 520 photos.  We had a ball!

But there truly is something about a pickup!

I had Tbug jump in the driver’s seat for this photo.

This morning I sent the photo to her mom in a text message and she came back talking about how Tbug has already said when she’s 16 she wants to drive a pickup.  I said yeah, I knew that because she kept telling her daddy he better not get rid of the red truck, that we traded off earlier this year.

Hey diesel prices were eating us alive!  We traded for a Hyundai Tucson, 1 week before the 20 inches of snow we got and got stuck in our driveway for 2 days until my dad brought us the old farm truck.  The old farm truck gets 6mpg.  No bueno, but at least we got out and made it to work!  If the Tucson wouldn’t make it out in the snow, my car definitely wouldn’t!  We high centered in both but that’s beside the point!

But you know, there truly is something about a pickup!

So we contemplated this summer about what we were going to do come this winter if we got into that situation again.  In fact, we still have my dad’s old farm truck sitting at our house.  It is a 1986 3/4 Ton 4×4 with a 460 big block.  She’s a powerful, gas guzzler!

I was the first to throw up in this truck 3 weeks after my dad got it in Sept ’86.  I learned how to drive in this truck when I was 4 years old in a freak lightening storm.  I then turned around and learned how to drive a standard transmission in this same truck when I was 12.  Because of this truck I’ve learned how to add water to the engine when it’s over heated, learned the value of having a cell phone, and even made collect calls home.  She takes a lickin and keeps ona tickin!

But we need to take it back to my dad.  So we debated and contemplated what to do.

And as a side note, I’ve never dated a guy who didn’t drive a pickup :).  It was a little strange to see hubs trade off the big red beast, but it was what we decided to do.  One of our first big decisions as a married couple.  But this summer, we chose to trade off the Tucson and get hubs back in a truck.

And we’ve never looked back… well except to make sure we didn’t back into something ;).

I have to say my heart has always been Ford, but I love this Chevy!  Now the dealership can kiss my a**, they were a**hole’s to deal with and I’ll never deal with them again, but I love this Chevy!

So maybe my {step}daughter is more like me than I thought…  We’ll have to wait and see what the next 8 years brings, but I too wanted a pickup when I got my first vehicle.  My parents came through and got me a 1994 Ford Ranger…  Only time will tell for her though 🙂  A lot can change in 8 years….

Maybe, by then I’ll have a pickup again… hey hubs, wanna drive my car, I’ll take your pickup for a spin!

There truly is something about a pickup truck!!

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  1. Ooh, ooh, I know the song. I know it! What do I win? A new pickup??? Please. I miss Idaho where EVERY farm has one or two trucks. Bigger the better. Gas mileage?? Never heard of it.

  2. I've never driven anything but a truck, and neither has my husband. Haha. Couple of years ago my husband tried to buy me a BMW, but I wasn't having it. Are trucks are all also lifted, I gots to see over all the cars. Heehee. Yeah we've never heard of fuel mileage either, if the tank says empty you get some fuel, and you don't look at the pump while filling up. Oh well maybe someday we'll grow up.

  3. I used to always say if I couldn't have a Mustang, I wanted a pick-up truck. Never happened, but my dad's not driving his little Ranger these days (health issues, he can't go out) so maybe I'll steal it from him. Haha!

  4. Oh, I do love trucks! {I have a tshirt that says 'I don't fall for pick up lines….I fall for pick up trucks.} 🙂
    I use to have Chevy Silverado Z-71. Loved it! But, I traded it in for a Trail Blazer {Toby}. I do lots of kid wrangling, and Toby does a much better job of hauling kids and multiple car seats around.

  5. Haven't been blogging much for a while but while not sleeping this was the first place I headed for a cheer me up and so not disappointed. You look awesome.

  6. I know the song! 🙂 Love pickups. We have a F-150 and want a mega cab so bad. But the F-150 is paid for so… we need to to be happy with it awhile longer.

  7. Ummm… I've never been even been in a pickup. Our CRV is the closest thing to an SUV that I've ever owned. LOL

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