What's in a Name?

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Prior to the serious discussion on having a baby, I told Mark that I really liked the name Aurélia. If you’re wondering where I came up with the name, it is from the movie Love Actually. She was the Portuguese house cleaner for Jamie, the English author. Hubby said he liked the name as well so we thought if we ever had a girl, we’d probably go with that name.

After we found out that we were actually going to have a baby, we started discussing names. When we were talking about the girls name, I kind of said, I still love that name, but I’m just not sure about it anymore. Hubby agreed with me. So we were back to the drawing board and tossing around names. Call me crazy but I’m kind of against nicknames for some reason. When people find this out, especially my Mother in law, they tease me because Tori is short for Victoria. My response is, I had no part in her name.

Some of the names we considered:

  • Abby/Abigale
  • Andrea
  • Bryce
  • Katie
  • Caitlyn

Then out of the blue, we came up with the name Addison. I actually threw out Addy and then said, actually I like Addison. Mark agreed. So then we started contemplating middle names. What the heck goes with Addison? We were at a loss. Then Mark asked what mom’s middle name was. I said Mae. He said wait a minute, we can’t use that because she doesn’t like it does she? I said no. So then he asked isn’t Aunt Connie’s middle name Marie. I said yes. He said, what about Addison Marie?

So long story short, Addison Marie.

p.s. Then just today (like a minute ago) hubby said, I don’t think I ever told you about Ainsley. Now you tell me… lol. Oh well she’s Addison!

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