I Love Sonic – Especially the Convos

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Um… does that title have you scratching your head?  Don’t worry, I might be also… but let me explain!

I like sonic, I really do.  Their ice is the bomb, a Lemon Berry Slush is something dreams are made of!  And I swear, this post is not slamming them at all.  Just throwing some fun out there.


My husband and I always have very random conversations with them.

One day he went and the guy came on and said,

Welcome to the wonderful world of sonic on this beautiful summer day where the sky is blue and the sun is shining and it’s a lovely 74 degrees outside.  My name is {so and so} and I’d absolutely LOVE to take your order.

um… ok really?  Then after hubby placed his order the guy told him his total in the same kind of manner.

Now it is entertaining, I’ll give you that, but when you’re on your lunch hour trying to get things done, those long schpeel’s take forever and eat into your hour.

So another time we went I just had to share the conversation on facebook because it cracked me up…

Um… I’m not sure Cherry or vanilla added to tea would be all that appetizing.  But maybe they’re on to something….

Yesterday hubby asked me to meet him in town and swap vehicles.  He decided he’d like Sonic, I beat him there so I went ahead and ordered.

Me: I’d like a Large Sweet Tea, a Route 44 Sweet Tea… (rest of order)…

Now you know after you place your order they offer you something…  Here’s what I was offered…

Sonic worker: Would you like a drink with that.

I couldn’t help but giggle.  me: “No thank you, I’m good.”

And I really feel like I’m making fun of or mocking these people, I’m not!  I promise.  I do love these conversations though and I want to remember them.  I’ve been known to say screwball things!  It’s all good.  But I just wanted to help make your Tuesday!

If you’ve had fun conversations like these, please share!!

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0 thoughts on “I Love Sonic – Especially the Convos

  1. I once had them ask me of my order was to go. :). Isn't it all to go at Sonic? I guess they would leave a tray like old times if you were eating there…even the girl would brought my food laughed at that.

  2. *who* not would. Lol. Oh, and that happened another time in their new drive thru line, not a parked space. We all giggles at that.

  3. We ate at Sonic last night after going to the ER. I got some mozzerella sticks and W got a cheeseburger then they asked if we wanted any mozzerella cheesw sticks with our order I was like ummmmm i already got some

  4. Another thing to put on your list of “What to do with Jill if she ever comes to visit” – SONIC! I read about it all the time on my US pals' blogs, but as far as I know, we don't have one up here. And I hope when we go that the take-out guy gives us one of these crazy spiels, I'd love to hear it! haha!!

  5. Sonic drinks and slushes are awesome. I don't usually get crazy offerings though (just tots or fries or something) but I tend to get the it takes forever to get a slush service. Ha! Guess I'm just the lucky one. 😉

  6. One day I drove around for no joke about two hours looking for a slushie COMPLETELY forgetting I have a Sonic a block away. I realized that after I got some strawberry thing at Dunkin Donuts.

  7. That's great! Would you like a drink with that!
    I like Sonic too, all those yummy slushes and really their ice is the best..

    We had a Sonic in our area for about a year, then they closed. Now we only time we get Sonic is when we visit relatives in OK – which is never often enough.

  8. I love the conversations you had! When I worked at Taco Bell in the drive through I would do the same thing. It makes the day go by faster for us 🙂 Plus, we are rather entertained. Haha!!

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