When it Rains it Pours

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A week ago my friends sent out a birthday invite for their son’s birthday party.  Their son and I have the same birthday, so generally we miss celebrating with them because of other celebrations, I share a birthday with my grandma too.

We offered to let them host the birthday party at our house so it could be a pool party.  Seems like it was a good thing.

You know that phrase when it rains it pours?  Yeah, it happened.  About Tuesday or Wednesday of last week they were replacing a gasket in their toilet.  It was one that caused them to have to pick the toilet up, that’s when it happened, they noticed the floor was way to short for where it should be.  Did you guess that their floor was rotted out?  Yeah, I wouldn’t have believed it had they not told me.

But in all luck, T’s birthday was at our house.  Yey!  I put together a short video clip/trailer of the fun had at our house.  Thanks to EmmyMom for telling me how to do it :).

By the way, they still don’t have their bathroom put together because of MORE things and still no running water.  Oy!

Enjoy the clip!! 🙂

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