AMC Dine-In Theater – St. Louis, MO

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After we checked into our new hotel and got situated hubby asked what I wanted to do next.  Now, one of hubby’s fave movies right now happens to be Grown Ups.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen that movie, but I like it too.  So I suggested that maybe we go relax at a movie and see Grown Ups 2.  Hubby got online and found a theater within about 5 miles of our hotel, but it just so happened to be a Dine-in Theater.  What’s that you ask?  Yeah, I didn’t know either.  If you knew, just remember I might lead a sheltered life :).

You go to the movie, they give you assigned seats, you get a menu and choose what you’d like for dinner.  And truthfully, the prices of the food happen to be the same as a sit-down restaurant.  Oh and the food, yeah it’s real food, not like just a hotdog and nachos or something :).  I believe if I remember the menu, they also had popcorn, just like a regular movie.  You have servers that come around and serve you and if you need a refill or something else, you push a button and they come to you, all while enjoying your movie.

You have a table that spins out over your lap and later spins back.  There is also a cup holder under the table but on the other arm of the chair as well if you have your table put away.

We went for an appetizer of Loaded Potato Skins.  They were crispy potato skins, covered in cheddar and jack cheeses topped with hickory bacon, sour cream, and green onions.  They were extremely good.

I went for a Flatbread Pizzetta.  Crispy flatbread with mozzarella and provolone and shaved pepperoni topped with torn basil.  YUM!  Yeah, I was full but it was sooooo good, I wound up eating it all.

Hubby went for the Mushroom and Swiss burger.  Sauteed mushrooms and Swiss cheese top an all-American beef burger with lettuce and tomato on a toasted brioche-style Kaiser Roll.  He must have liked it because he ate it all 🙂

Oh and our opinion on the movie… it was GREAT.  He’s ready to purchase it the minute it comes out on DVD…. just sayin.  Don’t listen to those critics… lol :).

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