This song blew me away

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I was driving to work this morning and I heard this song.  A lot more on the radio station I listen to they are playing Texas Country or Dirt Road Country, however you refer to it.  At first I wasn’t real crazy about it, but I think it’s a lot better than some of the “Country” music that is out there.  Seems like a lot of the country music released a lot anymore almost has a rock feel to it… It’s way far from Hank & Johnny & Kenny (Rogers) & Waylon.  And I can’t say I was a huge fan of some of their music but….  anyway none of that matters.  Here’s a really great song.  If nothing else…


Lyrics just in case you can’t see the song itself

there’s a memory that rings clear as a bell,
i was bouncin like a bull rider on his knee,
i sure miss those old stories that he’d tell,
from a hobo on a freight train,
to a sailor out at sea,
my granny says that i’ve got his smile,
he’s the reason i take pride in my last name,
no he never made the headlines,
nobody sings his song,
so for every unsung hero im singin this today,

so raise your bottle to the boys and let’s remember,
all the fallen and the price they had to pay,
hold ’em up high and salute all the ones that made it back,
and for the ones away from home, don’t forget to pray,

grandpa would sing you every hank williams song,
but it’s amazing grace that brought him back around,
he’d shead a tear talkin about the day,
that german gunner shot his best friend down,

my daddy fought a war some say in vain,
he came home in a wheel chair, he walks with a kane,
seems like every generation has to pay the cost,
i think about my family and the good friends that we’ve lost,


from Normandy to Korea, to Kason Vietnam,
heartaches streach from coast to coast,
from Bunker Hill to Filucia, Gettysburg to Japan,
everyone who’s ever served or lost someone let’s make a toast,


0 thoughts on “This song blew me away

  1. Gag, I'm so sick of this new junk on the radio. I like a little of it, but very little.
    Love Tx Country! Aaron Watson is one of my favs!

  2. I can't stand new country! I grew up with my dad listening to Waylon, Hank Sr. and Jr., Willie, Cash ect. Heck, I was even named after the song “Amanda” by Waylon.
    This is a great song though. I love the songs with the stories behind them.

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