Helping Rebuild Joplin

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I love it… the other day one of my friends gave me this bracelet.  Then she’s like now are you going to blog about it. ha!

Anyway There are a lot of people doing things to try and help raise money to rebuild Joplin.  And the previous paragraph, here is one of them, the LiveStrong Bands.

When you purchase your band it comes with this:

The Joplin, Missouri Tribute Bracelet
Let this band represent the people and the city of Joplin, Missouri for what we went through, and most importantly the ones we lost.  Let this band be our symbol of Hope, Faith, Strength, Resolve & Community.
The color was selected for its uniqueness to represent the residents of Joplin and though we have been through a devastating tragedy, no matter how long it takes, that together through Our Hope, Our Faith, Our Strength, Our Resolve and Our Unity we can look to brighter days ahead.
Designed and Donated by
Mason-Woodard Mortuary & Chapel.

Now if they just came in sizes, I would have to wear it halfway up to my elbow… LOL

One side says, “God is with us, we will rebuild”

The other side says, “In memory of Joplin Tornado Victims, May 22, 2011”

You can pick yours up at Mason-Woodard Mortuary & Chapel  @ 3701 E 7th St in Joplin.  The bracelets are $2, but if you want to donate more, that’s up to you :).


Then on Saturday our Semi-Pro Team, The Joplin Crusaders played a benefit game against the Duncan Diamonds.  All proceeds from the game went to Joplin Relief efforts.

the guy holding the American Flag, is one of our friends.

He’s still holding the flag, this time he was waving it at us.

At halftime the score was 19-0 Crusaders.
They won it with a score of 41-0.

Now I thought this was funny, this is at the local college stadium… um… look at the numbers… 16, 22, 17… something isn’t right there!

And it was that way on other sets of bleachers too… 15, 23, 17.  I saw one that went 19, 20, 24.


Then the Lovely Jacin from Lovely Little Details and Darling Little Details has a project she calls Jars of Love.

Check out her etsy site :).

Then 🙂
The MU Tigers have designed a t-shirt in honor of the victims.  All proceeds from this t-shirt go to Joplin Aid relief also.  Check it out!
Sorry not done yet.
Do you like this photo?
This was taken of the Kansas City, MO skyline on May 24, 2011 by Scott Cook.
He sent this to a local tv stations facebook site and the photo went wild.  A lot of people wanted this photo so he decided to sell this photo for: 8×10 photos for $15.00 and 11×14 for $20.00 with all the money going to Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery.

Here’s how to order:

Scott is selling 8X10s for $15.  All proceeds are going to the Joplin, MO Tornado Recovery.
Here’s how to order:
1.  Go to
2.  Click on “Send Money” then “Send Money Online”
3.  Enter $15 for 8×10 or $20 for 11×14 (per picture) as the amount then click on “Buy Something”
4.  Enter my email address ( as the “To” and yours as the “From”
5.  Follow steps from there — if you don’t have a PayPal acct. it is very easy to set up — just like buying from Amazon.
6.  Be sure to include your shipping address.
Let me know if you have any questions.

And last but not least, the other one I have recently heard about (which there are so many out there!!!) is:
Bigfish Screen-printing is doing their part for those in Joplin.  HOPE FOR JOPLIN TEES are being printed for $10 with 100% of the proceeds going to Disaster Relief Efforts in Joplin!  All 2X and 3X sizes are $11.50 each.
Reserve your shirt today by calling 417-869-1700 or email ($3 ship out of state, any left over will be donated.)

Just thought I would share in case anyone wanted to know a way they could help.
Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. How did I miss this post?? I'm all for buying the bracelet – I left my wallet insert at work so I'll do it in the morning. I like that last T-shirt too. It looks like something from Urban Outfitters – smart move to get people to buy.

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