DWTS – Semi Finals

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I so know you all are sitting on the edge of your seats for this. ha! :)… but since I started it I have to finish, plus there’s only one more week after this, the Finals and the next reigning champion of Dancing with the Stars.

Erin keeps getting better and better. If nerves wouldn’t get to her she could so win it! I shouldn’t speak, nerves get me too but what I’m saying, she’s doing an excellent job! Erin finally got her nearly perfect. She was one point away… come on Len!! I hope she gets a perfect this season!

Evan goes up and down. One minute he’s on top, the next he’s lower. Now there isn’t much room for lower on the judges leader board but still that’s how he’s been. This week he tied with Nicole for the top spot. They both had one performance that was a 30 and one that was a 29 so they had a total of 59. Evan did have the encore dance this week with his Paso Doble. It seems like that dance gets a lot of encores! It’s a very cool dance in my opinion (which lets face it, this blog is 🙂 ha!).

Chad is really starting to come into his own. I’m not quite sure he’s up to par with Evan and Nicole but he’s sure close! But his fate came to an end this week. He was sent home. (which I hate to see but at least Erin got to stay IMO)

Nicole, come on what can you say, she’s awesome. She really is!

This season has been the best yet I believe. This is Season 10. We’ll have to wait to see the outcome!

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