DWTS – Week 5

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This week almost brought a perfect score. Nicole & Derek were one point shy of a perfect 30. On the very first show I joked and said had Nicole been with Mark they’d have my vote every time. haha but Nicole & Derek are doing excellent. So are Evan & Anna. I also like Erin & Maks and Jake & Chelsie. Boy next week it’s going to be a very hard decision and sad to see someone leave. They are all doing so well. Finally though Kate went home. She was just a drama queen and it got very old very fast! After the 2nd week of her I was ready for her to leave. She always argues and doesn’t want to cooperate, etc. That’s it for me! My opinion, she never was dancing, she was walking through all the steps but time to move on :). There are so many “EXCELLENT” dancers on this show this season it’s hard to see any of them go! I actually didn’t get to watch the results show until last night. I was mowing lawn on Tuesday night. Now we get to wait until Monday night and see what’s in store for us. Although I think this next episode is where the Stars get to pick the outfits for themselves and the professionals. That’s always interesting!

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