DWTS – Week 7

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So I really thought about calling it Then There were 5 and I could have, no one was holding a gun to my head saying I had to call it DWTS – Week 7 but I figured since that’s what I called all the rest I should keep at it… I might change next week who knows or even cares….

so this weeks episode saw a lot of mix up in the leaders/scores. In the individual dances we had our first perfect 30, that was Evan & Anna and it was fabulous! Nicole & Derek stayed in second with a 27. But one of my faves moved forward, that’s Erin & Maks. She got a 27 right along side Nicole. I think she had a break through! Then they did the group dances. This was 2 teams vs each other. Team GaGa (danced to a Lady GaGa song) and Team Madonna (danced to a Madonna song… haha get it) My opinion, Team GaGa did the better job and the scores proved it. It was phenomenal!! Team GaGa consisted of Pamela & Damian, Nicole & Derek, & Chad & Cheryl. by the way Cheryl keeps sporting jewelry that really a girlfriend/fiance/wife should wear, not a dancing instructor but they claim it’s nothing.

Then Team Madonna consisted of Niecy & Louis, Erin & Maks, and Evan & Anna. It wasn’t bad but I just didn’t think their Cha Cha had the same WOW affect that the other one did. But hey that’s my opinion but I think by the judges scores that showed.

When those scores were all totaled it really shook up the leader board. Erin & Pamela were in the bottom 2 but Pamela wound up going home. It was sad!!!

So there you have it, if you want to see my ramblings about the other weeks click here now.

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