Arrowhead State Park

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**D = Dad
**M = Me
**H = Hubby
M: Arrowhead State Park
D: That’s where Stan has his cabin
M: Oh, he comes all the way down here?
D: Yeah

M: And his step daughter lives down here?

D: Yeah her and her husband and son
H to D: You know you ought to see how to get your cows up there at Talbot. They have it fenced off and you can run cattle as long as it isn’t hunting season.
D: Yeah.
….. {a moment of silence}…..
M to H: Um… How did you get there?
H: What?
M: How’d you get there from Stan’s cabin?
H: I can’t hear anything… I thought he said cows and I wondered why he drove all the way down here only once a week to check on his cows.
D: Hey I was just going with it.
Yes we got a huge laugh about this…

And now some cute pictures of cows 🙂  No they aren’t Stan’s cows… they aren’t our cows either… they are a neighbor’s cows, I just loved the white cows on the green grass with yellow flowers & gray skies!



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