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Sometimes Real Life is funny.  Things that happen, mannerisms of people, unforeseen circumstances, etc.  I thought I would share with you my last night.

In my A&P class we’ve been having Greek & Latin Root Word tests.  We usually get about 50-55 Greek & Latin prefix and suffix words that we have to learn since a lot of medical terminology is based off of that.  Last night we had our third test.  I must admit, I didn’t start studying for these words until Tuesday night after I got home from class where she announced that we’d have a test on Thursday.  I really thought I was going to freak out, but I didn’t.  I just settled in and proceeded to learn the words.

After Tuesday night I had about 40 of the 51 words down pat.  Not bad, especially since I swear my memory isn’t the best most times.  So hubby and I went over them again Wednesday night and at lunch yesterday.  When I got to class last night, like usual I had about an hour and 10 minutes to kill before class started so I pulled into a parking space, kicked my shoes off, took my jacket off, placed my feet in the passenger seat and started going over the words again.

I made it through them once when he called so I went through them with him on the phone.  Then I went into class.  Like usual on test nights, we take notes first, get about 5-10 minutes to look over test material and then she gives us the test.  We’re free to leave after that.

I kind of get nervous taking test anyway but mainly because I don’t want to be the last person out of the classroom.  Before I got off the phone earlier in the evening he told me, “I don’t care if you are the last person who leaves and you make her stay later, get them right.  Calm down.  You know them.”

So I start taking the test and they are coming to me left and right.  Whew this is going to be an easy test!  I get to the last 2 (not the last two on the test, just the two unanswered to this point) and I cannot for the life of me think of either one of them.  I finally get the one, however I realized after I left I forgot the silly -o at the end.  Can I buy a vowel please :).

The one last word was ‘Patho’.  I sat there and sat there and sat there.  I knew it would eventually come to me.  It had to… right?  Nothing

So I underlined the word.  I underlined it so much that if you went to erase it, you’d always have a trace of that line.  Dang… what is that silly word it means in English.  So then I wrote = the study of ______________ and sat there longer.  Then I started underlining those words.  I knew it had to come to me… but still, nothing.  So above study of I wrote knowledge of.  Yup, you guessed it, still nothing.  oh come on……

So I started staring at my hands.  front, back, together, apart then I moved to my arms.  I raised them over my head, stretched them out in front of me, pulled them back.  Nothing.  Come on… seriously, it is something that has to do with the study or knowledge of the human body.

So then I slid myself away from the desk and stared at my feet.  Nothing

I stretched my feet out and went up my leg, come on.  Then I got to my stomach… no word for that this time… my kidney, no that’s nephr… um… lung, no that’s pulmo.  Come on Nicole… what in the heck is Patho and it finally came to me… Patho is disease!  Hell yeah.  I wrote the word down, jumped up and almost slammed my test on the teachers desk.  Woops but I was a little excitable I think at that point.

I made the comment that I really thought that last one would kill me.  She was like, yeah I saw you examining yourself.  I was like, well I figured eventually it would come to me because I knew it had to do something with the body, I just couldn’t quite remember what.  She looked at it and said, “well, you got that one right.”

Booya! 🙂

See, sometimes people are funny, I’m just prime example of that 🙂

Happy Friday.  This weekend I get to study for my Chapter 5 A&P test plus take a Chapter 6 Take home test for Nutrition.  How cool am I?

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  1. Well done, sista! Doesn't matter how you get there…just as long as you do 🙂 I was ALWAYS last out during our tests and exams when I did the back to school thing, the past 3 years. I didn't care. You give me 2 hours to write it, I'll TAKE 2 hours…darn it ;D

  2. Good Job!

    It's good that you can do that. I completely choke when it comes to tests. I could study for months but if I get in there and it's gone then I'm not getting it back.

  3. Haha! That's awesome. Also, it kinda reminded me of the Dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding – where he makes people tell him a word & then figures out the Greek derivative. LOL

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