Eating Crow…. Again

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Have you ever heard the phrase, Eating Crow?  Or The Taste of Crow never tasted so good, etc?  Well I think I am one getting good at eating crow.  Not the real bird :), just the fact that I’ll say something, (ie I’ll never marry a guy with a kid, but that turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made) and then you/I wind up doing it after all.  Yeah, something like that.

So anyway recently my hubby had been driving my car.  I got in and what did I see?  A nice big blue streak across the seat…

Can’t say I was the happiest about this discovery either.  I started grumbling and asking hubby what he got on my car seat.  We’ve debated if it was pen, paint, chalk, who knows.  I blamed him for it though, that’s for sure.

So this morning when I went to get dressed, I noticed there was something on the pocket of my jeans.  Oh crap, I might actually be the culprit of the blue on my car seat.  Crap crap crap.

PS that is a black arrow I drew on the picture to show the blue spot… just sayin….

I just so happen to be the one in our house who likes blue ink.  Now, does anyone know how to get blue ink off tan leather seats?

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0 thoughts on “Eating Crow…. Again

  1. Ooops! I hate when that happens. I hate being wrong, and I especially hate when I find out about it. Haha!

  2. hah, sounds like something that would happen to me too– have you tried Mr Clean's cleaning pad? It takes paint off the walls if you scrub it good enough, maybe it would work here too? Although I hope it wouldn't take the color out of your actual chair– worth a shot–

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