Friday Funk

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1.  I woke up this morning to thunder.  We’ve actually had rain in our forecast for 7 days starting yesterday….

2.  Last night laying in bed (no this isn’t dirty, it’s ok to read) I laid down and rolled to my right side (which faces me off the bed).  My husband rolled over and snuggled against me but my shoulder hurt so I said I can’t lay on that side and we rolled on to our backs and I snuggled into his shoulder.  Well then I asked him to scootch over and he said, oh I’m sorry I’ll get on my 1/4 side of the bed so you can have your 3/4.  We giggled and I said no I share.  He said yeah, 1/4.

3.  When I got up this morning to go to the bathroom, I came to get back in bed and he was sprawled out on the entire bed and I had to kick my way back into bed.  When we actually woke up to get up, he said, man you beat me up this morning.

4.  I made dinner the other night, a slightly modified version of a recipe that Jill at Teenage Bride gave me.  Oh it was yummy!  (that’s why the garlic smell yesterday)  I had 6 pieces of chicken to use up before they went bad!  So I made them all.  That left us chicken to eat last night so we made a salad out of it.  Oh. My. Goodness.  Super fantastic!  I went to bed stuffed!

5.  I watched Ground Hog Day last night.  I know I watched it as a kid when it first came out in 1993, but come on… I didn’t remember it!  So we watched it last night.

6.  My mom is in Germany for work.  Wednesday of this week was 1 week she was there.  She’ll be there a total of 3 weeks.  That means I’ll see her come June.  Every 2 years she has to go to this trade show.  Once she gets home, she’ll be preparing for the one in 2 years.  Yup, she works that far in advance.

7.  The first time she was to go I was a sophomore in high school, but my dad got sick and so she didn’t go.  Then the second time she was to go I graduated from high school, therefore she didn’t go again.  She wasn’t about to miss my graduation.  Her boss said she WOULDN’T get out of the third time.  That time she got locked in a bathroom stall over there and her boss had to get her out.  (no knob on the inside of the stall to open the door….)  The fourth time she went she barely got home in time to see me graduate from college, but she swore to me she wouldn’t miss it for the world.  She was at graduation 🙂

8.  That was probably a lot of useless info you really didn’t care about.  Sorry 🙂

9.  So I decided the other day, I want some honey bees.  Don’t ask me why, just some crazy thing I decided.  Probably won’t get any, but how cool would they be?  Fresh Honey!!!  My husbands supervisor said he has some friends that have some honey bees.  We live in southwest Missouri so our winters can be horrid cold (for us, not my Canadian friends ;)) or they can be mild, it just depends on the year.  But this guy will drive his honey bees all the way down into Texas for the winter.  Now that’s dedicated.  We also heard though that honey bees will hibernate, you just have to feed them during the winter here.

10.  I’m not so sure my corn in my garden will be knee high by the fourth of July.  I’m a little worried.  They say for it to tassel out right, that’s how high it needs to be.  I sure hope it makes it.  I’m enjoying the rain because that’s better for a garden then water out of your hose, but my garden needs some good sun and heat too.  I’m torn.  But I’ve never been one to complain about rain because come July/August we’ll be begging for it.

11.  Speaking of rain in July, that’s the reason I was born… I was 2 weeks late.  Hey I’ve never been on time (case in point) so why start now :).  Anyway my mom was out in the hayfield helping my dad buck bales up until almost the time I was born.  Didn’t stop her I guess, even my grandma nagging at her couldn’t :).  But anyway, mom called the doctor and they told her to come in.  Once she got there the doctor said they could induce labor or else the doctor was going on vacation the next week and mom could use the on-call doctor.  Mom said, “Well it’s raining so we can’t go to the hayfield, let’s have a baby instead.”  Nice huh…. LOL :).

12.  When they induced my mom though, they put my heart under stress and they had to take me by C-section.  When I came out, my dad said I was purple.  Maybe that’s why it’s my favorite color 🙂

13.  Last night I went through my closet and got rid of a bunch of shirts I don’t like/don’t wear.  Then I went and put on the outfit I had my engagement photos taken in; the weight loss shows in that outfit.  LOL 🙂

14.  I have to end on an even number.  It’s just my style 🙂  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!

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  1. I couldnt help it, I laughed at the 'horrid cold' comment. I know you clarified, but that still made me giggle 🙂

  2. “Well it's raining so we can't go to the hayfield, let's have a baby instead.” Now that is a dedicated farm girl!!!
    You look great in your engagement outfit

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