Boy I was Itchy!!!

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My husband and I work fairly well together on projects.  Every once in a while there is a hiccup but other than that… I think I’d be safe to say we tackle projects together very well!

Boy did we decide to add a project to our hands!

My mom has a Cocker Spaniel named Millie.  Millie came to live with them when I was in college I think.  I lost my Cocker Spaniel, Chanel, in spring of 2004 and I can’t remember if Millie was there before or after that, but that’s about the time frame.

So anyway, the people that had her had her as an indoor house dog.  She was regularly groomed, in fact when they let mom & dad have her, she came with medical charts.  They were going to make her an indoor house dog at home but she kept going out and rolling in the horse poop so they let her be an outdoor dog.  She gets put in when it’s chilly but otherwise you’ll usually find her laying on my parents patio table.  Yes the dog lays on the table… LOL.

Being a Cocker, they have LOTS of hair and being an outdoor dog it gets matted easily.  Well it’s been at least 2 years since Millie has gotten a hair cut.

My mom however is out of town for work so last night while we were at my parents house we kidnapped Millie and brought her home with us.  I think my dad thinks we’ve lost our mind.  I also grabbed my sheep clippers (heavier duty than our dog clippers) to start chomping at her matted hair.

Here is a before shot:
It kind of gives you an idea even though it isn’t the best shot of her.  She basically looks like a mop… LOL

So once we got home, we were already dirty so we went to work.  Our thoughts are to work on her with the sheep clippers and then go back with our dog clippers and clean her up 🙂

Here is all the hair we got off of her so far… well except what I got to wear.  I had the job of holding her still while PC clipped on her.  Let’s just say I got the dirtier job!

We still have to take the dog blades back to her.  (oh and all these photos from last night are poor b/c we took them with my iPhone and she wouldn’t stand still…)

Trying to get a different shot of her.

So we figured that once we had that we’d just give her a bath too.  Let’s also say that we have well water… it’s super cold… and I got a bath too.

I got the task of holding her still again.  She wasn’t so happy with us… if you can only imagine.

In fact I was so dirty and wet when it was all said and done, I’m glad we live in the country and my house doesn’t face the road b/c I stripped down in the front yard so I didn’t drag all that hair into the house.

And here’s my yellow errrr black errrr black dog hair covered yellow shirt.  This was also before my “bath”.

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  1. Pets are funny. They never put together what you are doing for them, but you know she had to feel better when you were done. 🙂

    Happy weekend to you all!

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