One Year ago… Part 23

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So Thursday night my mom and I had plans to leave for Texas. We were going to drive as far as my aunts house in southern Oklahoma and then on Friday morning drive on in to Weatherford. Sill me had forgotten something at home that morning and when PC found out he made a special trip to my house just to pick it up for me. He was waiting for me when I came out of work that afternoon to say good bye and bring me what I forgot. I hopped out of my car and ran around to his truck and gave him a bear hug. I was so excited he was home and so sad I was leaving. Again my mom asked if I still wanted to go to Texas. I told her yes. She said ok then quit hugging him and let’s hit the road.
I’m a big stickler about Don’t Text and Drive so I didn’t get to talk to him much on my way down, I was driving. But you can bet every time we stopped I took the opportunity to if nothing more, at least tell him where we were in the state. Once we got to my aunt’s house I called him and talked to him while I got ready for bed.

Turns out that evening he had gone over to my parents house and rode horses with my dad and hung out for the evening. He had just left to go home shortly before I called to say we’d made it to my aunt’s house. It tickled my heart that he was comfortable enough to just hang out with my dad and there was someone to keep my dad company while mom & I were out of town.

Friday morning my mom and I got up and were out of my aunt’s house by 8am to head on into to Weatherford. The whole time we were on the road (night before and that morning) all I could do was talk about my PC. The way he treated me. How special he made me feel.

We got to Weatherford, navigated all the road detours and wound up at the Brazos Arena and met up with my Aunt. We got there just in time to watch my uncle show. After he showed we went down to the show floor and talked to him for a bit. Of course they were interested to know about this “New” guy, especially since they realized I was standing their texting him the whole time I was talking to them. I tried to play it cool, it just wasn’t happening.

Then my uncle jumped on his horse and rode over to talk to other people about his ride. My mom, aunt & I continued to stand there and talk when all the sudden I got this text. I just about died laughing.

Ass Hole

I shared with my mom & aunt and then proceeded to forward it on to my uncle. Wouldn’t you know he didn’t receive picture texts so all he got was “Ass Hole”. I about died in my tracks when my aunt told me that and I saw the look on my uncles face. I immediately made my aunt take my phone over to my uncle to show him the picture. I think that’s the minute my uncle liked PC and he’d never met him.

We all proceeded to walk around the show grounds for a while and I took PC pictures of everything I saw. Then mom, my aunt and I decided it was time to go do girl things and go shopping so my aunt changed her shoes and shirt and stole my uncle’s ball cap and away we went. We all piled into my Mustang and took off for a day of shopping.

Eventually we wound up at this very cool western store that specialized in material and western house apparel. I wondered around and that’s when I saw it. Blue & Brown material. It was the stuff bedding is made out of, or you use to upholster furniture or the opportunities are endless, all I knew is I loved it!

So here’s where awkwardness plays in, not once had PC and I talked about marriage or the future or anything of the sorts, but I found this material and knew that this was “the material” for my bedroom someday. Someday when I was a Mrs. married to the Mr. I got this weird haunch too that maybe I had found the Mr. for my picture. I used the camera on my iPhone and took a picture and sent it to him. Just asked his opinion. Never implied anything, just more of a curiosity thing. He said he really liked it and wondered what it was for. I said oh I don’t know, I just saw it and really liked it, so someday when you get a place of your own, what color do you want your bedroom. I didn’t wait for a text back, I immediately called him for his answer. He chuckled and said I don’t know, I never planned that far ahead. I told him I never had either but I was really feeling a blue & brown room, what did he think of that. Again a chuckle and he said he liked it.

That was it, I knew I had to have this material. I ran it past my mom and asked her what she thought about making me a blue & brown bedroom (she sews) someday. She said sure she’d make me a bedroom outfit out of it. That’s when my aunt jumped in and said she’d buy all the material if I wanted for Christmas. Wow my Christmas present this year from her was easy :).

We left there and ran to Target where I proceeded to buy a highlight kit because my mom said she’d do the highlights in my hair and back to the hotel we went. I have enough hair it seemed like it took forever. Finally 2 1/2 hours later we met back up with my aunt & uncle and their hired hand and went to dinner.

When we got back to the hotel I didn’t want to talk to PC in front of my mom so I walked out of the room in my PJ’s and boots and wandered the hallways talking on my cell phone telling him about my day.

Somewhere around this trip my mom’s attitude toward him started to change for the better. I’m not exactly sure when, why or how but it did and it was obvious.

The next day was a lot of the same, shopping & horse shows. Then we got up to drive home early Sunday morning. PC kept asking where we were on our drive home. 7 1/2 hours later when I pulled into my driveway, the big red truck was waiting for me.

…. to be continued…

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