Bacon Mac Panini

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I LOVE Mac & Cheese!  Come on… Who doesn’t (don’t answer that ;))… the cheese, the noodles… ah, it’s pure heaven! 🙂  Well the other night my husband got home later than I did… which caused me to go “crazy” in the kitchen… LOL.

For Christmas his mom got us a Panini press.  He claims he’d never had a Panini (although I’m fairly certain that’s not true) and we’d never used ours, so we set out on a mission.  But, dang…. we hardly had any food in the house.  I sometimes think we put off grocery shopping to see how creative we can get.

So enter, the Bacon Mac & Cheese Panini.

I had bacon I wanted to use up, bread I wanted to use up, Mac & Cheese sounded REALLY good although I didn’t have any milk but luckily I had the back up… Kraft Mac & Cheese in a box which always does in a pinch!!

Bacon Mac Panini

Our contestants:
Kraft Mac & Cheese
Cheese slices
Wheatberry Bread (it’s our fave!)
Salt & pepper

Bring the water to a boil and cook your macaroni noodles making sure to salt your water.

While that process is going on… cook your bacon.  You can do it in the microwave which is what I chose this night, a skillet or the oven.

Once the noodles are done make your Mac & Cheese.  Me, All I had to do was add the packet and butter!

Once the bacon is cooked, then cut it up and stir it in!

Oh I can hardly wait!  Then season up with Pepper.  (remember you salted your water when you cooked the pasta)

Then once the other is good to go… butter up your bread.  I buttered both sides because, that’s how I used to make Grilled Cheese sandwiches.  I think it makes them better 🙂

Then place a slice of cheese on either bread and then top with your mac & cheese mixture.  Then place your other slice on top.  YUM!

Get the panini grill read and place that puppy in there!

And here is the finished product.

I was in heaven.  I combined my favorite things… Mac & cheese, Grilled Cheese, Bacon… It was a one stop shop 🙂  The husband liked it too!

Here’s to trying something new in the kitchen that was actually a success!

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