My top 3 worst traits

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{Number 3} – I’m totally scared of commitment.  Not when it came to getting married… more along the lines of, what are you doing tomorrow?  I don’t know, why?  Do you want to do {insert phrase here}.  Um… I don’t know.  I grew up on a farm.  I’d make plans and then a cow would get out or a sheep would need a lamb pulled or a horse would start having seizures.  I have a hard time making plans far out.

{Number 2}– I’ve been told I don’t believe in myself as others believe in me.  That hasn’t always been the case but here lately I feel like that side of me is coming out more and more.  This is definitely something I’m working on, one day at a time.

{Number 1}– I have a tendency to be overly critical of myself.  My hair isn’t right, I’m to heavy, my smile is crooked today, I have no make-up on… we all know the words.  Shame shame shame on me.  I should start looking in the mirror and only focus on the GREATNESS that is me.  I don’t allow others to say those things, but why I can say them myself, who knows.

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  1. I actually have the same commitment problem, I think it's because I don't want to be tied into something I don't want to do so I usually ask the same questions!

  2. I have a hard time with commitment only because I am so scatterbrained that I forget what I planned on doing, ha ha!
    I have the same issue – I am always critiquing myself and saying “I hate this, and this, and that” “I look like a cow” etc, etc. It's hard to be a positive thinker when you've been negative for so long. Ya know?

  3. You are just a regular gal and that's what I like about ya!! I can't handle commitment either– If I want to do something, its usually very impulsive LETS GO NOW or my mood might change. I think all girls are too critical of themselves– you look fab and are worth a million!! Chin up!!

  4. Yeah, really I don't think I know a single gal who would tell you they are perfect.

    I agree we should look in the mirror and find that “thing” today that is good. Weather it be clear skin and no ZITS, freshly plucked eye brows or clean teeth/fresh breath!! Whatever, it's there im sure of it – really lol or if we haveto pick out something that maybe is not so stellar today we have to find something to balance it out. Like say three zits today, but damn my hair looks great 🙂

  5. between sick family members and the farm, I am pretty comittment phobic too these days . As for the rest,I can tell you you are awesome and beautiful but you nbeed to believe it too. Look in the mirror, and talk to that girl, like you would if it was not you , how would you tell her to feel about herself? then tell you . Another trick is look at a pic of yourself from 10 years ago, but before you do think about what you thought was wrong with you and your looks then, then look at the pic, I am betting you will see a way prettier/slimmer/more fashionable etc you than you remember.Now why wait another 10 years to celebrate how wonderful you are now?

  6. I have a hard time committing to plans too! I guess that probably makes me not a very good friend either. If I was just single, with no kids it would be easy to make plans, but now I am constantly thinking about what everyone else wants to do.

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