Where to Stay/Coffee – Denison, Texas

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It’s been a week since we got back from vacation. A WEEK. How on earth did time fly so fast? Seriously. So much has happened in this past week. We finally, thank the good Lord, got Rain! We needed it. Our AC went on the fritz and came back again. Don’t know, don’t ask :). Hubby got home with us only to turn around Monday and head back to Boston, more on that later. Tbug started School. My parents left on vacation. It’s just been a whirlwind of things.

p.s. I might have been dragging my feet about packing myself after packing 3 other people for our trip…

The leading up story

Hubby’s work took him out of town to Boston the week before we were to leave on vacation. Our scheduled departure date was Sunday, August 5, 2018. Hubby’s work trip was supposed to bring him home on August 3, 2018. Supposed to…

Hubby was supposed to board a Delta flight in Boston in the evening on Friday, get into Kansas City late, and potentially drive home to be home around Midnight. A storm threatened the Eastern Seaboard and all Delta flights were canceled in a 150-mile radius around Boston, although hubby said no storm ever hit where they were. All of his co-workers who flew on Southwest Airlines, their flight was delayed, but they got out.

His travel partner and he jumped on trying to scurry and find flights home. The earliest they could get home was Sunday. His travel partner wound up getting home around 4 pm into Kansas City on Sunday. He got rerouted finally through Northwest Arkansas and got home around noon on Sunday. No flights were to be found for Saturday. Oy!

We were scheduled to leave around 5-6pm on Sunday. No stress or anything! With the help of my parents on Saturday, we drove to Kansas City and picked up hubby’s truck. Then on Sunday we drove to Northwest Arkansas and picked him up at the airport. We quickly had lunch, then we came home, washed clothes, finished packing him, and off to Texas we headed.

The drive

The goal was to leave around 5-6. We got out of here just before 5. Tbug’s mom met up with us about 20 miles from home around 5:30 or so and we were off. Our goal was to make it to Denison, Texas for the night. roughly a 4-5 hour drive. Not bad.

Let’s see… The Oklahoma Turnpike and Hwy 69 bugged my truck, big time. Going through Eufala was a nightmare. There was 5 miles of road construction and barriers on either side. No lines to guide the truck by and I was scared to death of running into the stupid barriers. Let’s just say, if you were a wide load, you were screwed. It was tight. Ugh! So stressful!

Hilton Garden Inn Denison/Sherman at Texoma Event Center

But, we made it to the hotel in one piece. Yey!

Hilton Garden Inn
Denison/Sherman/at Texoma Event Center
5015 S US 75
Denison, TX

The hotel was a nice hotel. We had two queen sized beds. There was also a chair, a table, and a refrigerator. The refrigerator is great if you want a cold drink in the morning or like us, you take milk for the little one who loves her milk.

And of course a bathroom. Everyone needs a bathroom. But I’m here to tell you, it was nice to get a shower, clean clothes, and a warm bed. Although the AC wasn’t super cold in our room so the bed might have been a little warmer than necessary. LOL.

This was a very nice hotel to stay in. They had a continental breakfast that consisted of cereal, toast, and coffee/juice or there was a special order grill where you could order a more substantial breakfast of omelets, pancakes, etc.

We weren’t so hungry, just wanted coffee so we plugged in the nearest Starbucks.


Starbucks (in the Albertson’s)

100 E. Taylor St.

Sherman, TX

It was in an Albertson’s grocery store. Worked out for us because I had to get the littlest one more toothpaste.

The gal who waited on us was awesome. We all ordered our drinks, Mocha Frappacino’s. Yes, even the littlest one got one. People judge, but whatever.

She wrote on our cups, Queen, King, Princess 1, and Princess 2. Hubby didn’t look when he passed them out and we all got the cups with our respective names. Look at us go.

We also got breakfast sandwiches. Yum! I know I said we weren’t hungry when we were at the hotel, but that smell. It was wonderful. Tbug and I got Bacon, egg, and cheese. Hubby got one with Canadian Bacon.

Then it was off to face Dallas traffic on our way to Waco. (coming soon!)

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