Lots to Cover!

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I have so much I want to share with you but it really doesn’t take up a whole post really so I thought I’d just do some highlights.  If later I wanna go into detail, well that’s my prerogative 🙂 LOL

{one}  Ok number 4 on my 101 list in 1001 days was:

4.  Wear the “skinny” jeans hiding in my closet

I am pleased to announce that as of Sunday I had them on, they fit, and I didn’t muffin top over them!  How awesome is that?

This to me is a goal.  I don’t think I’ve worn them since 2006.  It’s one of my favorite pairs of jeans and it bummed me out when I finally gained to much weight to wear them.  My husband even laughed when I tucked my shirt in without un-buttoning them.

{two}  I’m so sad.  My dog, Audrey, got into our original chicken batch last night and killed all but 2 of them.  It was not a happy night at our house.  All the babies we’ve been hatching though are still in the box in the house (too little to put outside).  I love my dog but she may go to live with my parents.  They don’t have chickens and once a dog tastes blood you’ll usually have problems with them and that type of animal :(.

 See, alive and cracking.

{three}  In fact I got a couple more pictures of one being born.  He was kind of funny because he looks like he was stuck in the shell for a bit….

{four}  We woke up to 3 new ones this morning.  I forget how many we have in this round of eggs and then next weekend we start with the other incubator full of eggs.  Then all of our chicks should be hatched.  We’ll only have ducks and peacock’s left.

{five}  Last night I was grumbling because I thought our kitchen was a mess, so while hubby was cooking dinner I was loading the dishwasher and cleaning the cutting board, counter and ultimately wound up cleaning on the sink.  I put soap on my sponge and was going to clean it that way when I remembered for a Wedding Present from Doti and her husband there was some Comet.  Ok I must admit I’ve never used Comit before.

I had it sitting on my dresser in my spare room of all places so I grabbed it, read the directions and proceeded to follow them.  Well of course I couldn’t find a rag so I went on a hunt for one of those while the comit set there for a bit.  I came back and started scrubbing and low and behold……….

When we moved into this house, this sink was a tan/off white color.  I’ve used soap and clorox wipes on it and never thought anything different.  My sink is in fact WHITE!

Ewww how gross is that!  But now it’s a clean, bright white sink.  I never had any reason to doubt it, the soap and clorox wipes never phased it…

{six} Oh back to the pants (yup jumping major topics)… I’m proud to announce that I’ve lost 16.5lbs and my husband has dropped 21.5lbs as of this morning.  I swear you can tell by looking at him.  He says the same about me but I don’t see it… yet 🙁

 I’m not afraid to tuck shirts in now… LOL

{seven} My sister-in-law moved out of her house and into another house rather recently.  In the process she didn’t have any need for her stove so she gave it to my husband and me.  It’s a lot newer than the one we had so we jumped at taking it.  Isn’t it a beauty?

{eight} Over the weekend we went together with my mother in law and my sister in law and had a garage sale.  Again, I was able to cross off another item on my 101 list.

86. Have a garage Sale

My mother in law ran it on Friday by herself (the rest of us were at work so we can pay the bills… LOL) and then on Saturday we all helped throughout the day.

haha Liss in one of my old skirts.  
At times it was boring so we did fashion shows 🙂

{nine} on Friday I get to go to my {step}daughter’s school for a Mother’s Day Luncheon.  It sucks because I have to take my food, I can’t eat any of theirs… darn diet.  I only have 17 more days, this is what I keep telling myself…. Then I’m going to look into doing the Now Eat This Diet by Rocco Dispirito in case I still have a few pounds to drop after this.  Not sure yet, but it’ll help in keeping off the weight and Oh my gosh does that food look to die for! 🙂

{ten}  I can’t wait to start eating food out of our garden!!!

{eleven} Hope you all have a Great Tuesday!

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  1. Trust PC when he says you look great and can tell because YOU LOOK FANTASTIC.
    Sorry to hear about the chicks…

  2. Lookin' good girl!!! I love Comet, I grew up scrubbing the tub and sinks with it. I didn't ever know of anything different! 🙂

  3. – Fitting back into jeans you used to wear is a HUGE accomplishment!! Awesome!
    – Oh no!! On another note, I didn't know that about dogs.
    – Really? Ducks & Peacocks? So cool!
    – Did you always have an electric stove? I'm so used to gas but I'm thinking about changing.
    – Comet rules! So does Orig Soft Scrub. Oxyclean is no joke either.
    – I'd love to have a tag sale! We have too much crap.
    – He's been doing the show circuit and everything looks amazing. Looking fwd your reviews! 🙂

  4. You do look great! I'm so sorry about the chicks. I use Comet in our toilets and sink because it gets them WHITE! When we moved into our house the sink was so gross at the bottom and I scrubbed it and Dylan asked me what I did because it was so clean!

  5. Why is that Comet spelled Comit? I could swear it's Comet. Am I daft? That's a little creepy that your sink is supposed to be white and wasn't. Eeww! You know Comet(it) is abrasive though and will scratch the bejeebers out of soft surfaces. You look fabulously skinny. The baby chicks hatching is kind of creepy. Eeww again. I'm sad the dog killed the chicks. I can't remember anything else…Goodbye.

  6. Congrats on the weight loss. I try then pig out, then try again and pig out again. I hate to diet!
    You look great Nicole! Congrats again!
    Nicole 🙂

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