Moms and Muffins

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I’m a little leery to google that title phrase. Yikes! Anyway… that’s what we did the Monday before Thanksgiving with our kiddos at school. It was called Moms and Muffins. Mom went into the school, where we spent time with our kiddos and ate muffins.

We also helped/watched them make turkeys out of apples. Earlier in the month the teachers sent home a feather that the students were to decorate and design to get them into the Thanksgiving spirit. Then during Moms and Muffins, we took an apple and made it into a turkey.

There were marshmallows (large and small), m and m’s, fruit loops, gumdrops, icing, and toothpicks to help decorate the apple into a turkey. After the first round of decorating our turkey, Abug ate some of it. Then she redecorated it and ate it again. I took home half a decorated turkey…?


Then we read a book called “If You Give a Mom a Muffin.” The kids were supposed to read the book with mom and then draw the pictures as they saw fit. I tried to help Abug, but she got mad that I drew a cup of coffee and scribbled it out. The rest of the time I wrote what she was drawing. haha. Hopefully, she gets better artistic ability than I have. We shall see. In grade school, one of my favorite classes was art, but the art teacher basically said I was a horrible art student and wouldn’t make it in art in junior high so I never got to pursue it.

I’ll take the age and weight :).

And that was the fun day we had with our kids to help get them ready for Thanksgiving. 

On the last day of school before Thanksgiving break, the kids are supposed to dress their best. Sadly, Abug woke up throwing up that morning at 4 am, so she didn’t get to attend school the last day before Thanksgiving break. That passed quickly as she was able to celebrate Thanksgiving and none of the rest of us got it… then anyway.

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