Geez Louise…….

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You know, Poor Louise, she gets her name used a lot when people aren’t happy… LOL

I have been so dadgum frustrated lately I don’t know what to do… I’ll get over it, I always do…

In fact my dad always told me growing up… You’ll get glad in the same pants you got mad in, or you’ll change them…

That’s just what I’m going to do.  I feel a change on the horizon!

You can be a very smart person without a college education.

You can be a very dumb person with a college education.

Well I have the college education… So I’m not the first statement… And you’ll have to take my word for it, but I’m not the second statement either….

I came to work for the company I am employed by 4 years ago October.  In fact I started on my dad’s birthday in 2006.  I worked at that particular job for 2 years.  I took the job because at the time I needed a job and I didn’t want to substitute teach another year.  Was this what my college ed was for… NOPE!  I got mad and frustrated on a daily basis.  My boss was a very nice lady, but extremely wishy washy.  Basically if you asked her a question today and you didn’t like her answer, wait 3-4 days and ask again and you’d get a different answer.  Very seldom did you get the same answer.  Toward the end of working at that job everyday I left work I would crank the radio up so loud I couldn’t think and drive with my windows down trying to blow that terrible day out of my head and out the window.  I’m surprised I’m not deaf!

In fall of 2008 the job I currently have was a newly created position.  I applied for it, was offered the job and in November I accepted it.  This job has been a good fit for me up until recently… Something has happened though and my co-workers treat me like I’m a flipping idiot.  Knowing full and well that I’M NOT I get pissed off.  There are 11 people in my department, I do hold the ranking of the youngest… I also hold the ranking of having a college education… (and no I’m not bragging or belittleing or anything… just stating the fact)… There are 2 in my department that do not… again, smart people who don’t have them: Point in Case… but… that all being said… being the youngest, I am the closest to my college education days…

Yes a lot has changed in the computer world!  When I was in college the 2 main Windows operating systems were ’98 and ME.  Then XP came out toward my later years in college.  Now we are running Vista and the latest was Window’s 7.  They function very much the same but there are still changes to all of them…  Same way with Office… We’re up to Office ’10… which my work computer has… Can I get around in it, you betcha.  Can others… well some are afraid of Office ’07 but yeah they can if they’d sit down and try.

Yes I have a point with all of this… I think….

When someone asks me to do something and I say yes, very seldom do I have to ask them what they asked me.  So far (knock on wood) very seldom do I forget even… So this one person at work will walk up and ask me to do something for them, I say yes and then they proceed to write it down on a piece of paper, the EXACT same way they asked me.  Seriously?  I’m not a flippin idiot!  If I have questions… that note isn’t going to answer them… so you are wasting paper and my time and yours by writing it all out.

Ok moving on….  New example.  This person proceeds to email me this statement the other day…

Hi Nicole, {Insert boss’ name here} has an instructional CD on Excel and he said that we could borrow it anytime to upgrade our expertise.
When you have some down time, you could use it to take advantage of learning more on Excel. 
It will show him you have incentive and motivation.
What do you think?

I seriously thought I was going to SCREAM!  I’ve never had to ask this person how to do anything in Excel.  NEVER!  Of course there was a pre-cursor to all of this but I don’t remember what she did to me before this… but that caused me to start cussing.  Ok so I cuss… I can cuss like a sailor… I can hold a whole conversation with NOTHING but cuss words… but I’ve been working on it.  I’ve tried to get a few words completely out of my vocabulary (well until this person starts in on me lately and they slip out… dang it!!) and cutting way back on others to eventually get them out of my vocab too.  Baby steps!

So part of borrowing his CD, I’m one of 2 people in our department who are running Office ’10.  I’ll bet his program is either geared for the old version or ’07 at the newest… That will be more of a headache to try… because well… they aren’t quite the same.  Same functions, little different set up.

Plus she doesn’t know that my husband had an Office class last semester and I did a lot of his work with him to brush up on my knowledge.  His class was Office ’10 and that’s what’s on my laptop…. it only made sense!  It taught me more about ’10.

Ok so my point of this post was I’m bitching so hopefully I won’t start cussing again…. no wait that’s not quite it… Oh I know what it is… (p.s. I’m finally to the point if you lasted through this whole post… sorry!!!)

You are now reading the blog of a transfer college student.

Transfer you ask??  Don’t you already have a Bachelor’s Degree?

I’m so glad you decided to ask me that… Yes I’m a transfer student because I’m going to a different college than my previous degree, and working on a second Bachelor’s degree so that means I had to send them my previous transcript so they could keep me from taking all that freshman weed out mumbo jumbo.  I have to sometimes wonder what the heck I’m thinking…  10 years out of high school and 5 years out of college… oh no wait… I’m 6 years out of college this spring… where has the time gone?

So I go from this:

To this:

To now this:

Am I an idiot for going back to school?  So far everyone tells me No….

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  1. I am working on going back to school — I will be a transfer student too!! =)
    Good for you — going back to expand your education and background is awesome! ESPECIALLY if it will help create a bigger job market for you, which is what i hope to do to get out of my place of buisness.
    I'm with ya — I hate being treated like an idiot when I KNOW I'm a very intelligent person and reliable!
    Keep your head up hun!

  2. I've always thought being a student was my “calling.” I'm better as a student than a teacher, I know. Good luck. It's hard to work and go to school too. (Or did I miss that? You quit work to go to school? No) Maybe I need to re-read.) Anyway, go for it, Nicole.

  3. I admire your ambition and courage to go back to school. My dream was journalism, but I never made it – instead, I have a Liberal Arts college diploma and an Office Administration college diploma. I'm 8 years out of school, and while I love my job and the people I work with, I sometimes wish I could take some on-line courses to work towards a degree. My mom is always encouraging it. But I haven't got up the nerve to do it yet! Good for you!!!

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