Farm Girl Fest Baby!!!

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September 18, yeah I’m back tracking a little, out at Red Oak II they had what they called Farm Girl Fest. What is Farm Girl Fest you may be asking… yeah I was asking that too. My friend Doti called me up and said hey let’s go out there. I agreed and met her out there and then we called PC & Tbug up to meet us out there as well.

Here Doti & I are inside the church.

This was a tractor taking people around.

I promise this dog was alive, it just didn’t move. He laid there the whole time we were there. It was very hot that day.

Miss Tbug on the old fire engine. She was annoyed with me b/c I liked the fire engine.

Some of the houses are occupied. We couldn’t figure out if this one was or not.

This one was more for looks. We tried to go in but the door was locked.

She was cracking me up the way she was walking across the bridge.

There I am ;). This window had all different colored glass.

This just struck me as odd.

Haha, I’ve been caught taking her picture.

Someone lived in this house.

Then we met up with Earl & Moo. Moo and Tbug got their picture taken.

This was an awesome water fountain. PC wants to build one like this eventually. It was cool!

This is Lowell Davis‘ truck.

This isn’t a real cemetery. They are all fake headstones.

Some of the headstones.

I like purple, can you tell from my shirt??

My ornery little stinker!

We thought this was cute. Read the next photo for what it says…

hahaha! We hoped it was open so Tbug could have a photo in it but it was padlocked shut.

Nice huh??

This was a cool Windmill.

The old post office.

Yup, that’s a metal goat.

There is something about this photo I like….

It was decorated for fall 🙂

We thought there’d be a plate for every state in the U.S. but it was mainly Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma plates.

The metal bandstand caught my attention.

And here’s the table/chairs to sit on while at the bandstand.

Now how cool of a wall is this? I want one!

coffee? Tea? or Me? (sorry it’s from something back in my FFA days…) This is a cool outdoor bar though!

I still never really figured out why they called it Farm Girl fest because it was family friendly. It was mainly a bunch of vendors set up to sell their product. Anyway it was a lot of fun 🙂

Peace, Love & Old towns!

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  1. Looks like tons of fun 🙂

    I love the flag made of the lisc. plates! So creative!

    You always have such fun adventures!

  2. Nicole, this is so cool! I love all the pictures you took, I wish I had this in my backyard!

  3. What a cool place!! I LOVE it, I want a Farm Girl town around here! 🙂 The pic of you with the purple is dahhhling! 🙂

  4. Yes, you can. I think they have different things going on out there at different times of the year, but Red Oak II is out there year round to go and visit.

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