No More Dinge

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So this weekend was the official floor changing weekend! Woohoooo I no longer have a dingy floor! I’m super excited! Instead, I have a gorgeous floor and a swollen hand and on top of that, a slightly hurt pride… Let’s explain.



PC thought pulling up the Linoleum would be quick, pain-free, and easy.

The linoleum might have been stuck to the dang concrete floor until the end of time, I swear it was stuck down good. We all got excited when we’d get a huge chunk up which was about the size of our hand maybe. Yeah, it was a slow-going process. We had anywhere from 2″ scrapers to about 4″ scrapers. At one point we had my mom, his mom, my aunt, my mom’s friend, him, and me scraping on this dumb floor. By about 2 pm (we started at 7ish) we finally had all the glue pulled up from the dumb floor. My right hand was so stinking swollen and hurt to the point I could hardly button my pants. It was terrible.




Cowgirl wanted to help… can you tell?




Oh well, it kept her away from where AC & PC were working so she didn’t get in the thin-set & tiles!




And of course, we are going to run out of thin-set so I have to run to the store, that’s just obvious. We also thought we’d run out of grout so I made a second trip back to Lowe’s. I think they like me there 🙂




This is what we got accomplished on Saturday after spending the whole day pealing up stupid linoleum!


So Here’s the story I shouldn’t tell on myself… but it’s kind of funny so I guess I’ll spill the beans. One of the things you do once you have set all the floor and let it dry is going around and check for loose tiles. If they sound hollow, they are loose. So as you can see from the pictures, we took the stove and the fridge out of the kitchen. Well AC told me not to walk on the corners but in the middle of the tiles so I was walking along listening for lose tile and BLAM I ran headfirst, smack dab into the stove vent hood, and bounced backward. Boy did everyone get a good laugh about that. I was ready to crawl in a hole and die!


***Sing it with me***
First comes Laying, then comes Grouting then comes happy Nicole on the New Kitchen floor.
***Boy that sounds catchy doesn’t it!***


PC joined in the fun of tiling once AC had to leave and head back home to Southern OK


He did an excellent job of cutting the tile to fit around our island bar thingy




I’m not picture happy, I’m floor happy!


We got rid of the nasty, dingy, old, linoleum floor and got a pretty, new tiled floor, YEY!! Thank you, Prince Charming and AC and Mom!!!!


He’s putting in the last piece! I wish you could see my face, I’m GRINNING Big

“You look like you slept with a Clothes hanger in my mouth”
Name that tv show… anyone???



All we have to do is grout what was laid yesterday, clean the floors and we’re finished! Woohooo!


See there’s my blue shoe, I was there 🙂

Peace, Love & Brand new floors!
Nicole 🙂

p.s. the TV show was Friends. The First Episode of the Series. Rachael said it to Monica after she talked about Paul the Wine guy she’d gone out with the night before.


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  1. It's so different how you guys have to do all this yourself. In Pakistan we have so much cheap labor available that such activities are often painless and easy onthe pocket too!

  2. Half the floor is grouted. My aunt did that while waiting on the tile saw Sunday. The other half still needs to be. My aunt & uncle have remodeled several houses and laid much tile so she showed my sweetheart how to do it and we've almost got it done! woohoooo it's great!

  3. Oh… is that “AC”? I didn't know. Sorry! (Admittedly I haven't read all the posts from before I started reading your blog. … I will when I'm not working crazy hours — took today off… slept until 1pm! 🙂

  4. Wow the floors look great! I can't believe how much patience you guys have to sit there doing all that yourself. I keep telling myself I'm going to paint my bathroom one of these days. Good for you!

  5. Nicole, glad you stopped by my blog. I love the floor. We so need to do that but have NO talent in that area. How far away from AZ are you? ;o) I love your blog. It sounds like you and I are similar in the movies we like and the way you walked into the oven hood. Totally understand. I'm sorry!

  6. Wow, you go girl! You and PC are totally kicking butt and taking names on the house!The floor looks great!

  7. Yes AC is my aunt. Aunt Connie, we just got into calling her AC in text messages and it just stuck 🙂

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