One Big Happy Family!!!

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So this last weekend was our FIRST weekend as a family. We haven’t seen PC’s daughter since the wedding (we only have her every other weekend). I’m doing my days out of order, because well I haven’t dumped Saturday’s pictures on my computer yet, they are still on the camera, but Sunday’s pictures were on the computer so you know what… we’ll go in reverse order b/c that’s the way I roll 🙂 Sunday was PC’s dad’s company picnic and he got a few extra tickets so we could go with him. It was held at a small amusement park type place (like my explanation) called Carousel Park.

**Warning… This is another extremely photo-o-rized blog post**
Wow Now I’m making up words! But I like pictures, it’s all good!

And I know it was the last weekend of Summer, but holy moly was it hot! We hit up around the 94 degree mark that day. It was a warm and toasty one but we had a blast!

PC and Tbug

Me and PC

I learned last year when we went to Silver Dollar City, NEVER ride the Tea Cups with PC! He made me sick last year so I didn’t even attempt to ride with them this year!

My Father-in-law didn’t think I could do this and get both of us in the photo. Boy little does he know about my ability to get people in photos when I’m taking the photo 😉

Standing in line waiting to ride the big pirate ship. You know the one that swings back and forth…

Our cute little family… waiting for everyone to get seated on the big pirate ship…

The big Swings that swing you way out!

Tbug and Grandpa

Oddly enough, I can ride the Tilt-a-Whirl… Go figure….
PC is getting good at taking photos like that too!

We then went to play Mini-golf (still at Carousel Park)
As you can see my FIL is with the big Gorilla.

Miss Tbug with the Gorilla.

I needed my turn too I guess 🙂

The bat was swinging and getting in the way 😉

Oh no do you see her? I lost her!

She’s winning that Gator over!!!

Seriously dude, you’re going to have to speak up, I can’t here you!!!

TBug on the Hippo

Oh No Save me!!!!

He’s a hungry hungry Hippo!!!

Riding the Ferris Wheel

I’m not a big fan of ferris wheels and no I’m not afraid of heights, I’m not sure what my deal is…

That was our view. And that’s Route 66 to the left there.

Oddly enough, I managed just fine!!

Bumper Cars!!!

Tbug got in on the side with the gas… we should have swapped places, her drive, me run the pedal!

Bumper Boats. These felt great since it was so hot out!!!

We were after each other!!

Man if looks could kill! That’s a terrible picture of me but it’s funny, I thought I’d still share… don’t hold it against me!

Miss Tbug looks refreshed! And look at PC’s face. haha 🙂

Then we went to jump on… well… this thing… It was fun. Bad part was the sand all around it. We had sand in our shoes/socks afterwards. But if you go down it (like I did a time or two) it’s fairly soft landing!

We ended with Go-Karts!

ha Eat my dirt 😉
I was leading, the were right behind me!

Step carefully!

Tbug’s hair is always in her face… 🙁

So I know, these aren’t wedding photos… but if I let it go by too long, we’d be way late on seeing these :). I’m still not 100% sure what to do about the wedding photos. I hope I get to see them this weekend… fingers crossed!

Love ya guys!!
Peace, Love, and Eating Dirt (haha)

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  1. Cute pics! I hear you about the ferris wheel. I love carnival/amusement part rides but that pirate ship thing terrifies me!! Yaay for your 1st weekend 🙂

  2. I love seeing people live life. (At least you do things you can take pictures of. I sit around and read or clean–not conducive to photos…) Looks as if you had fun.

  3. Funny how you even look like a married lady now. That's what is so great about kids; you get to do all the fun kid stuff again with such a good excuse (not just cause you want to).

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