More Wedding Day Eve…

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PC had his dad over on Tuesday night and when he came over, he brought us all the photos from yesterday’s post as well as photos he took on Wedding Day Eve and the Wedding day. I felt like you guys should see more photos… haha 🙂 Not like I don’t cram my blogs with enough photos anyway! Sheesh, what am I thinking!

So yes, I’m back tracking a little, but you know a year from now it’ll be great that I included these! You’ll thank me then ;).

PC and I both finally wound up at the Phelp’s House to set things up for Rehearsal Dinner that night. I was in a real in depth convo here 🙂

Apparently whatever I was talking about was IMPORTANT… LOL

PC’s dad wanted a photo of my nails with my ring 🙂

Ok you see what is circled in this photo?? That’s what we carried in my car that was in Evelyn’s lap and my trunk that we picked up at the florist.

The circle here is where my mom wanted the cake. Boy it upset me but it worked out great in the end! Sorry mom 🙂

Mom & Cynthia decorated this up but for all the things going on… I can’t for the life of me remember right now where they had it. Guess we’ll see in reception photos.

This was the entrance at the house.

Photo of kitchen stuff waiting for that night.

A typical PC/Nicole shot… sticking our tongues together.
this does gross my mother out… LOL

Here’s my Prince Charming

Peace, Love & Back-tracking


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