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…..It can go away now! 2 weeks ago I felt lousy (aka sick). Last week I thought I kicked it’s butt and was getting better. This week, ugh, I feel like crap again. Maybe even worse. It was all I could do to not keep myself awake coughing last night. 2 nights in a row of not sleeping worth a darn is really starting to creep up on me. I feel a little discombobulated right now. Where I work, we have a cafeteria so we don’t have to go out for lunch. They serve breakfast too :). Anyway they have a fountain machine but wouldn’t you know it is Pepsi products. I’m not a big Pepsi fan, I like Coke better. So on my way to work this morning I thought I’d run by the gas station and get a 32oz coke. I just really felt like Coke. Wouldn’t you know, I couldn’t remember if I unplugged my curling iron so by the time I ran back in the house to check and got back to the car, no time. So PC gave me a $1.25 to buy a Coke form the vending machine. It’s official, I prefer coke out of Soda Fountain machines better than Coke out of a bottle. Oh well he was sweet to offer and try to help me out :). I love you baby!

My dad had hay mowed down. Now if you don’t know anything about baling hay, you can’t bale it when it’s wet, and it’s not good to bale when it is too dry. It’s been so hot here lately that to dry isn’t really to hard to accomplish! So when I got home from work last night he asked if I’d go run the tractor and rake the hay for him (2 rows to 1, less laps around the field for the baler and bigger rows) while he ran the other tractor and baler. Sure no problem. Bad thing about that is the tractor is loud so you really can’t listen to music and I had one heck of an annoying song stuck in my head. Don’t get me wrong, love driving the tractor, just annoying when this is playing through your head…”Turning Japanese I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so.” Now try imagining hearing that going through your head for 2 1/2 hours :). It was so bad at one point to try and get it out of my head I started telling myself the Duck Joke. Sad I know!

I got done raking (because he started before I got home) before he got done baling so I took the tractor and rake on to the house and went and cleaned up. Then I became a bump on a log. I sat down in front of the TV around 8:30 and finished watching “The Holiday” that I had DVR’ed from a few months ago. I really like that movie and I’m not a Jack Black fan. He always plays weird parts but he was good in this movie.

I have to get my car licensed and inspected before next Friday which also happens to be my 27th birthday. So far, I’m thinking 27 is hitting me harder than any other birthday has. Weird I know.

I got an award from Jenna Renee over at Legally Brunette. Thank you! I will do all that goes with it, just right now my brain isn’t functioning. But I appreciate it a lot. Please don’t think I don’t, dang I wish this cold would go away. But you should all go visit her. She’s great! I don’t remember how I found her but I’m sure glad I did 🙂

Ok I just hit my funny bone, it wasn’t funny. On that note I might go crash and sleep somewhere! Ugh I hate summer colds or whatever this is parading around as!

Peace, Love & Cold Relief!!!

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  1. I miss Idaho when I hear you talking about raking and baling hay. I love the smell of cut hay and hay baled up. Just wonderful! I'm a farm girl too and there's no better life.

    I sure hope you get over this ickiness. I thought I was the only one who ever used the word “discombobulated.” We must be twinners. Get well, little sis! ;o)


    Sounds like so much going on. Hope you get that song out of your head, and your feel all better!

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