One Year Ago… Part VII

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Him: It’s kind of funny a few weeks ago when I was home visiting I found some old pics of you and me and Taria in Florida!! What a time that was LOL

OMG I think my heart stopped!!!

Ok so I think I was way over reacting. So what if he found photos of us… he didn’t say he was swooning over them or anything like that. He said he found photos of us and that was a time. Well heck yeah it was a time, it was a great time. A fabulous time.So now remember where I told the part where I ordered an iPhone 3GS? Ok it now comes into play

Back to facebook talking:
me: I can’t figure this phone out… I got a new phone yesterday and it’ll allow me to read all inbox messages but yours… Weird!

Him: Weird are you using an iPhone?

me: I am now and it won’t hardly show me your responses. I just got this Monday though. I did have a Pantec Duo.

Him: LOL. Sorry for your troubles… LOL. are you using the facebook App or Safari Internet?

me: I was using the fb app. sounds like you know about iPhones… In that case does that mean you have one and if so… that would mean you were at&t right? I could be completely assuming all of this though… but if you have at&t and you had unlimited texting… that would be so much easier. I don’t think my iPhone wants us to talk… it lets me see everyone’s message they sned me through here… geez…

me: and if not, I guess I’ll use the dial up internet at the house… it’ll make my desktop feel loved. I bought a laptop last Thursday night and I can’t hardly stay off of it but it isn’t hooked up to the internet unless I’m at a friends house.

Him: my number is…… (sorry ladies, I’m not giving it out… haha)

Oh crap… so now the ball is back in my court… how do I handle this, what do I say, what do I do now. Logical thinking, pick up where I left off or say hi or something, but we all know logic flies out the window in situations like this… Ok so if I can’t think of hi or something, think of something clever… something clever, what is clever, hell what is my name… ok think, relax Nicole… deep breathes, breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out…. The next thing I know the cell phone in my hand starts ringing.

Hello Nicole, it’s ringing, this would be where you slide the lever across and answer the phone by saying, “Hello.” I think you learned this in Kindergarten right? Saying hello answers the phone. Ok Nicole if you don’t answer this it’s going to stop ringing and he’s going to wonder if you gave him a false number. Come on Nicole, answer the phone. Yes somewhere in there I gave him mine but I don’t remember where or how… come to think of it, maybe that was the clever thing I texted him… This is my cell number.

Finally my brain came back and I answered the phone.


“Hey! I didn’t think you were going to answer… I was beginning to wonder.”

“Oh yeah, I had to find my phone.” Duh Nicole that was dumb… you had the dumb thing in your hand, you texted him your cell number…. I’m bright!

“Ah! Well I just figured this would be easier than texting, a lot faster too.”

“Oh definitely!”

Big conversation huh? I know it went somewhere more than just the pleasantries but who knows where or who remembers. I was star struck, ok well not star, he’s not a star, I was boy crazy… is that even possible at 25 years old… to be boy crazy, like I would have been at 15? Come on Nicole, You’re 25 years old. Act your age! Seriously!

After a long pep talk to myself and a lot of reminding myself to breathe we had a wonderful conversation. A conversation that lasted for 3 hours. 3 Blissful hours talking to this stranger who I knew. Yes he was a stranger, he’d changed so much since high school. He was grown up, more mysterious, and very intriguing.

So how is it you can get so giddy talking to a guy who seems genuinely interested in you when you just went through hellacious turmoil the previous week? Oh that’s right, when someone pays attention to you it makes you feel special. That was the minute I knew I wasn’t going to allow myself to pick up a re-bound. I’ve had friends tell me that’s the best way to get over someone, find yourself a re-bound, get over the other person and then leave the re-bound. Are they nuts? That only creates a place where you are constantly getting over re-bounds! Anyway in my book, that’s how I see it. I’ve been told that I live in my own little world so who knows but that’s how I see it.

So I planned on taking my time with this. If it developed into something, AWESOME and if it didn’t, hopefully I would get a fantabulous friend out of the deal!

Now one of the wonderful joys of an iPhone (or other phones) is you can have headphones in while talking and be doing other things right. With me so far. Well that’s exactly what I was doing… talking to the “Friend” when the ex starts texting me and trying to “clear” things up. Crap and I thought this was going to be a good night…

….To be continued….

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