DWTS – Week 6

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Now we are starting to get down to the good dancers. The ones where you hate to see anyone leave. They are good, they are determined, and they don’t want to leave. Unfortunately, someone has to leave every week, or else no one would win the Mirror Ball Trophy.

You guessed it, I have my chart. My mom pokes fun at me b/c I keep a chart. I’m not really even sure why I do. One season I kept it all on a Legal pad. Once the season was over I did away with it. Oddly enough, she made fun of me, but when she wanted to know who did what the previous week, she either asked me to look or I just handed her the legal pad. Either way, she had it right at her fingertips.

This week they did 2 dances apiece. One was the Argentine Tango or the Samba and then they had a Swing Dance Marathon. I really thought this was the week that the stars got to pick the outfits, but if so they didn’t show the process during the show like normal. They did show that Anna dropped Evan on his head doing a backflip of a type. He was afraid he had a concussion but the doctor checked him out and said he was good to go. Erin stepped up her ball game and all were impressed but Len. He got onto Max for taking off his shirt. I like Erin, I think she progresses every week! Nicole was on top again this week followed by Erin in second place. Chad brought his A-game as well and took the 3rd place followed by Pam. Unfortunately, this was the week that the bachelor had to go home. I wasn’t ready to see him leave but I have a feeling people didn’t vote as hard for him because quite a few times he’s had a stumble here and there. The best part, he just kept going. This week he got tangled up on the stairs right infront of the judges. The bottom 2 were Jake and Niecy. Anyway looks like it’ll start getting really competitive now fighting for that top spot. I can’t wait until Monday night!

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