How to: Make a Vintage Canvas

So I recently saw this project on a fun blog… if you’ve never checked out Story of this Life, you’re totally missing out. Anyway Ester made this project look extremely easy so I thought I’d give it a shot. Let’s just state, it’s easy and I totally loved the way it turned out.

So what you need, a spritz water bottle, a foam brush, a picture printed on a laser printer, a canvas, and Golden Brand Soft Gel gloss. oh and a scrubber thingy…


12 Month Photos

Hi so my name is Nicole and my baby is already 13 months. Normally I do this particular post the day before her new month, but I kind of didn’t get it done. So we’re going back and making up for it :). I know I’m cool, right? Okay now I have to run because the baby is putting milk drops all over her. Hey don’t judge me 🙂

A Portrait

New Mannerisms


365 – July – Photos 304-334

304/365 – My fins that we ordered in like January or February finally came in. Now I don’t have to use Tori’s :). haha. Okay so once I get over this dang cold thing, Dano, when we going diving?

305/365 – Check this beauty out. I love this time of year!

306/365 – Foul ball… CL and Abug neither one wanted anything to do with it. Finally Abug claimed it.


365 – June – Photos 274-303

Happy Fourth of July! I figured if I didn’t get these posted now it might be next month… okay maybe not but anyway, happy 4th everyone!!

274/365 – Look what I found today on my way out to saddle up horses… I’ve never found a 4 leaf clover before… Must mean horses are good luck!

275/365 – My partner in crime! Maybe even call her my Mini Me… but she looks nothing like me…


How to: Take Fourth of July Pictures

It’s that time of year… How on earth did we get to the 4th of July? The thing that the fourth of July brings besides celebrations of our Nations heritage and food, parties and get togethers, is fireworks. Who doesn’t like fireworks? I guess there are those out there… but I’m not one of them. I love them.

So the next thing to think about is how do you capture them on film? If you’re ever around me or you’ve been on my blog for a while, you know that I take pictures of EVERYTHING and I mean everything. Although every once in a while I miss a shot and have a #bloggerfail but usually I take pictures of Everything.

A couple years ago I went to every fourth party I could to learn how to take pictures of fireworks and today I want to pass along some of the tips and tricks I learned along the way.

dSLR and Point and Shoot directions for taking fireworks pictures

Normally people would tell you that you have to have a dSLR to be able to take photos like these. And while I’m not going to lie, it is helpful, I didn’t take all those photos above with my dSLR… Nope, I took one of them with a point and shoot. Can you guess which one?

So my first recommendation would be to get a tripod. If not a tripod, make sure you have a very solid foundation for your camera to sit on to avoid camera shake.

Maybe I should have stated my first recommendation would be to have a camera… or maybe that is just a given. Okay moving on…

So you can definitely check out this post that helps clarify aperture and shutter speed… I’ll wait while you refresh yourself…

Okay now for the settings for a dSLR to take great photos of fireworks.

ISO: 100. Now normally that would be what you set it at for a bright and sunny day… and you might be thinking, but wait, what… these will be at night. Oh but that’s the way to do it. First off at night you’ll get a lot of noise, especially by bumping up your ISO. To avoid that and with fireworks being extremely bright against the night sky you don’t need a high ISO.