The Saturday Post {Week 54}

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Top 5 Posts of the Week
1. Things They Don’t Tell You

2. Father’s Day 2014

3. Week 37

4. No Bake Oreo Ice Cream Cake

5. Festive 4th of July Toes

This Weeks Posts
Father’s Day 2014
Things They Don’t Tell You
No Bake Oreo Ice Cream Cake
Week 37

Blast from the Past
2013 – Fresh From The Farm – Awe, it’s the Fresh Prince Parody promoting Agriculture!!
2012 – Stocking up for Cake Decorating Part 1
Get Your Hair Out Of Your Face
2011 – Marlee’s Creamery – Raw Milk
2010 – 75 and counting

Recipes made from the Blog This Week
No Bake Oreo Ice Cream Cake

Instagram Lately

Week’s Happenings
++Naps became my friend this week
++I’m at weekly drs appointments
++Went and helped with 5Mile Camp
++I got teased a lot… I got accused of being done with this pregnancy… lol
++Went and took pics for TB again since I broke my memory card a few weeks ago as I was transferring them onto my computer. Don’t ask it was a freak accident!

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