Another Waste of Time

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I swear, sometimes our phones are the biggest waste of time.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I have an iPhone and really when you catch me without it is when it’s in the bedroom at the house and I’m in the living room which does happen.  I have tried to wean myself off of my phone and even though I have about 4 pages of apps, I really only use about a page worth maybe….

Anyway on Sunday some friends of ours introduced us to a new app.  New?  That’s a relative word because I’m not so sure how new it is but new to us.  It’s called Rando.  Has anyone else played with this app?

So you take a random picture and send it.  Then it sends you one back.  You don’t know who receives them or who you get one from unless you’re like me and get one of your friend’s rando pics.  Now that was funny.

And when I’m talking random photos, we’re talking random photos.  So far I’ve received a light, dogs, a skyline view, a computer screen where it looks like they’re watching tv or movie or something, a 7up can, some drawings, you know, whatever.

Now sadly there are people out there who take it way to far.  Hubby got a kind of porno type photo for his first one.  Luckily so far I’ve been lucky.

If you sign up to allow to show where your photo comes from, then you’re allowed to see where the photos you send go to as well as the photos you receive originated from.  I’ve received from Russia, China, Brazil, France, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, and the US just to name a few.  I actually only was convinced to sign up for it on Monday.

So anyway, just wondered if any of you have played with this app and what your experience has been.  It’d be really nice if people didn’t take it tooooooo far though!  Come on, have some decency 🙂  Anyway this has been a really stressful week for me.  I’ll share more details when I have more details to really share but I can tell you this app has helped keep my mind off the stuff floating around.

“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13

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