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A favorite photo of myself and why…

I am an extremely critical of myself.  I know we all have issues with that, but I can’t even begin to tell you how critical of myself I am.  It’s really sad too!  I hate it and wish I wasn’t that way.  I definitely don’t want Tbug to pick that habit up from anyone.

One good thing though is I never had an eating disorder because of it.  In fact, in high school I was asked on more than one occasion if I was anorexic.  When I told them no, they’d ask if I was sure so I’d name off everything I had eaten that day, or if it was early in the morning I’d name off everything I ate the day before.

Now that was a little over 10 years ago, however here’s kind of how I ate in high school…

Breakfast – I usually stopped at Hardee’s on my way to school as long as I wasn’t running late for school.  I’d get a Bacon Egg & Cheese biscuit and a Coke.
Mid Morning – I’d eat those large chewy sweettarts and sometimes either a Mt. Dew or a Dr Pepper.
Lunch – either Wendy’s, McDonalds, Subway, Sonic… one of those because we had open campus lunch.  Now I learned to eat cheap because my dad would give me $20/week to eat on.  Anything left over was mine, but that still didn’t stop me from eating.  I just ate off the dollar menu.
After School – I’d go home and either eat rice with butter or an entire box of Mac & Cheese
Dinner – Whatever my mom made or sometimes we’d go out to eat… whatever

How I didn’t weigh a ton, well I ran a mile every night with my Market Lambs (sheep) keeping them in shape, however I was lazy so they usually wound up dragging me.  So after I ate all that, people would ask if I was bulimic so I’d ask them if they wanted to smell my breath.  See, didn’t have an eating disorder.  I was on the Seefood diet.  I saw it, I ate it :).

But back to today’s topic.  I love this picture of myself for many reasons.  First off, very seldom will you see me/hear me say this, but my hair was perfect in this photo.  I was having such a good hair day!  One thing about myself I’ve always loved is my smile and my eyes.  The outfit I had on made me feel like queen of the world and in this particular photo, I actually look like I have a tan.

All 4 of my grandparents either were darker complected or took on really nice tans, did I get any of that… NOPE!  Even my dad gets a great tan.  Did I get that…. NOPE!

But, this is a photo that I actually like the way I look in.

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  1. You look lovely 🙂 Yeah I'm pretty critical of myself in pictures too. I think that's pretty typical though. So when we find that “perfect” picture of ourselves we are thrilled!

  2. I'm extremely critical of myself too, and you'll never hear me say I have a good hair day! Ha! More like bad hair day, every day.
    This is a cute picture of you!! Wish I could rock shorts. 😉

  3. Your beautiful…absolutely no reason to be critical of yourself. I totally understand though, I am really critical of myself and now I see my daughter doing it. It's one thing I truly wish she hadn't taken after me. I think there is just SO much pressure for women to look a certain way and we fall into it unfortunately.

  4. Awww, that is a fun and lovely photo of you! I would never have guessed that you would be so critical of yourself though…you seem to exhibit a lot of confidence on here. But I definitely know what you mean because I am soooo critical of myself too. I am pretty choosy about the pictures I post of myself although even most of those I don't love. You just have to love those rare shots that just seem to capture how you really want to be portrayed!

  5. I used to eat the same way in high school. For breakfast I would eat a fudgesicle. Then throughout the day whatever my mom had packed. On top of that I would order a sub from the cafeteria, then what ever my mom cooked at night. Man I wish I still had that metabolism! Oh and I don't get tan either, I don't really do much of anything. haha

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