Diners – Iggy’s Diner – Carthage, MO

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On Saturday’s at noon when you really don’t feel like cooking or standing in the kitchen for that matter, I’ve decided this is one great place in Carthage, where you can get in and get out fairly fast, but it isn’t Fast Food!

You know, there are those times when Fast Food really doesn’t do it for ya… See I told you I found the great place to go.  And they’ve recently remodeled.  I need to go in since they’ve done that however I keep catching them when they’re closed.

Oh wait, you ask where this place is?  I haven’t said yet… well it’s none other than Iggy’s Diner.

**this isn’t my picture… I keep forgetting to get a photo of the building so I got it here.**

They are a fabulous diner that has great cheeseburger type food, but they also have options like Spaghetti and Chicken fried steak.

They have a little something for everyone.

This particular day I went with a Route 44 Sweet Tea and a Chubby Cheeseburger with Curley Q’s.

What can I say, sometimes I like the good old fashioned cheeseburgers that can only be found at diner’s.  Definitely worth a shot!!!

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