Tbug's Spring Break

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So Tbug wanted to write you guys a post about her Spring Break with us.  This is a very long & very photo heavy post just so you know :).  Take it away Tbug.  {yes, I helped her write it}


After cheer practice dad & mom came to pick me up.  I forgot my glasses at cheer so we had to go back and get them.  Then we came home and smoked sausage & grilled cheese sandwiches.

 Mom painted my toenails so dad couldn’t pinch me when I woke up.

 We all took showers and went to bed.

We woke up and had bacon & egg burrito’s.

 Then we went for a walk to the end of the road and back.  About the time we got to our driveway grandpa called and said he was 2 miles away and was going to the buffalo sale.

We wanted to go too so we all ran down the driveway and came and changed into jeans {from shorts} and of course green.  After the buffalo sale we went to lunch.  We had Mexican.  Then we came home and went to a horse show.

Then we went to Memaw’s to look at her field for grandpa.  Then went to dinner at the Japanese steak house for dinner with Memaw.

After dinner we went to Atwoods with her.

 Then came home and walked the driveway a couple laps, We also made Rock Candy,

 took showers and went to bed.

We woke up and had egg in a basket, bacon sandwiches

 and then walked down the road and back.  Dad left.  Mom and I cleaned on my room and went through my closet {getting rid of clothes that don’t fit anymore.}  Earl called mom and asked if I could come play with T & M so mom took me to Earl’s and I played all afternoon with them.

 Mom & dad came over in time for Sunday night dinner with dad’s friend Robert & Memaw.  We had smoked pork, smoked cabbage {which I didn’t like}, rolls with butter, potato casserole, cream cheese corn, chocolate chip cookies and mom made Robert a birthday cake.  {Robert’s 30th birthday is Wednesday}.

 Then I went and stayed the night with Memaw.

I woke up at Memaw’s and she took me to Casey’s to get an Icee & donuts for breakfast.  Then we went to Aunt Liss’s to play with Dill Pickle for a bit and get my Christmas/Birthday present they still had for me.  For lunch Memaw and I had our Japanese steakhouse leftovers.  Then on Memaw’s way to work she dropped me off at great grandma’s house. It was raining so we spent the afternoon baking cookies & bread.

 Then surprised grandpa with dinner of Chicken fried steak, homemade gravy, carrots & broccoli & mashed potatoes.  Then I went to grandpa’s.

 We were supposed to go pick grandma up at the airport later in the evening but she didn’t make it back home.  Her flight got cancelled.  I stayed the night at grandpa’s and he gave me a flashlight in case I needed anything.  It was storming and I woke up once.  Morelli {the dog} came to check on me and then went back to his bed.

Woke up at grandma & grandpa’s.  Went out with grandpa to feed the horses, sheep and petted the kittens.  Memaw came and picked me up from grandpa.  {Grandma didn’t make it back from Indianapolis so Memaw came to get me for the day.}  We went to her house and played for a bit.  Went into town and paid bills.  Stopped at Casey’s and got an Icee & donuts for breakfast.  Then we went to Wal-Mart where she bought me a Jason Aldean CD and a polka dot umbrella {so I didn’t have to get wet} and then went back to Memaw’s house and played.  I had Spaghetti-o’s for lunch.  Then my daddy came to pick me up and take you home.  Mom stopped at the store to get stuff for Chicken Quesadilla’s.

Then we watched movies.  Then we took showers and went to bed.

I didn’t want to get out of bed but mom & dad made me get up around 6:30.  We had Honey Nut Cheerio’s & chocolate milk for breakfast.  Then I got dressed and rode to work with daddy where grandma came to pick me up.  I was bored at daddy’s office because I had to be quiet.  Once grandma had me we went to the bank and then to Hobby Lobby to get stuff for her table.  She also bought me wood cut outs and markers.  Then we went to the mall to return some things for grandma.  As we were walking from one store to another grandma saw some clothes I should try on.  I wound up with a green shirt.  Then we went to another store and found 2 pair of shorts & a new swimsuit.  Then grandma took me to another store and bought me some lotion, body wash & spray.  Then we had lunch at Chick-fil-a.

Then we went back to grandma’s and I colored my things from Hobby Lobby & watched tv.  Dad came to pick me up.  When we got home Audrey went missing.  So mom & I walked around the property looking for her.  Dad’s friend Robert came out and helped too and so did grandma & grandpa.  We didn’t find her.  Then we went inside and I showed off my new clothes and we ate dinner. {Cream Cheese Chicken}.  Then we went to bed.

Dad got me up early {6:45} and we had breakfast.  We had banana bread but I didn’t like it.  Then I rode to work with {step}mom to meet up with my mom and go home with her.

I went to Cheer practice and then dad & {step}mom picked me up.  We went to mom’s work to get dad’s truck and then headed for the house.  On the way to the house dad called and told mom and said something about the sky so we made a detour up to the square to take pictures.

Then we came home and had dinner.  After dinner we watched the finale of Sweet Home Alabama and mom cut her finger open with her roller blade.  She made me a headband.

 Then we took showers and went to bed.

We got up at 9, got dressed and went to the Amish store.  We got sandwiches for lunch and cookies for breakfast and then headed back home.  Then we went outside and started working in the yard.  Came in for lunch and mom finished working on a project.

Then we went to Memaw’s to try and take grandpa’s tractor tire off.  Then came back home and jumped in the hottub.  After that we watched a movie we met up with grandma & grandpa for dinner for hotwings.  I stayed the night with grandma & grandpa.

I  got up in the morning and helped grandpa do chores.  Then watched him ride Mini Me for a few minutes and then went into the house to watch cartoons.  Later when grandpa put the horses out I went and helped by opening the stall doors so they could go outside.  Dad & mom came and picked me up after they got done at church and we went back to the house to eat lunch.  We all ate left over sandwiches and this yummy cheeseball.  Then I helped fold laundry and we picked up my room.  We also cleaned the spare room and then dad and I went out and decided where the bee boxes would be set up.

 Dad had to take me home a little early because I was going to a birthday party with my mom.


And that ladies and gentlemen was her spring break.

Her dad had her write you guys a story describing her Spring break.  I took pictures of it and then typed it word for word the way she wrote/spelled it 🙂

My Spring Brake
Hi my name is Tbug.  And this is my story.  This spring Brake I drew pictures, cooked.  This spring Brake I played, and watched TV.  And I also colored.
AND I Wroet this story

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  1. Love that! And what a busy and fun spring break. So nice that she has so many people that love her close by.

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