Have your Elf a Merry Little Christmas

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One of the departments here at work that is right around the corner from us (and reports to the same big boss) really puts our department to shame.  They are so creative it isn’t even funny.  When Christmas hit, they decorated their doors.  Now there are only 5 plus our big boss, if I were tasked to decorate my department’s office doors like this I’d have a few more to have to decorate, plus the front of my um….. cubicle?  I don’t really sit in a cubicle, I’m not sure what you call it, anyway, they did do such a creative job decorating I thought I’d share their doors.

Now they are the Environmental department, so keep that in mind if you see a few of the doors 🙂

Big Boss’s Door.

Mr. Environmental (The depts boss)

The most creative in their group, she is their secretary and she rocks photoshop!

This is on her wall too.

Senior Environmentalist of the group.

Their newest addition.

My name twinky.  In fact before she was married her last name began with an R so we didn’t get to mixed up, but then her married last name begins with a J and my maiden name begins with a J, so we were constantly getting phone calls and emails for each other.  Similar names & similar departments.

On a side note, today is my momma’s birthday!!  Happy Birthday momma, I love you! 🙂

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