Large Prayer Circle

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As evidenced by people living in Oklahoma, West Texas and South Texas, and ever-increasing areas in other parts of the country, the drought condition
is reaching critical status; cattle are being auctioned; crops have burned up; and drinking water is becoming a concern. Please join us in this prayer circle.
Lets make this one of the largest prayer circles ever.
It will be as though everyone is holding hands around the world.
You said whatsoever any two or more come together and agree and ask in Your Son’s name, it shall be given. We come to you, humbly, and ask that you bring down the rain to our parched lands. Our farmers and ranchers need it desperately, as well as our firefighters. We ask this all in Jesus’ name, Amen.
You may adopt this prayer as evidence of your participation in this gathering by simply passing on to your circle of friends!

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  1. I just heard a news article about the drought and horrendous heat wave. There's also drought and famine in Somalia in Africa. Militant groups keep them from getting aid. The world is in a big mess. I join in the prayer. For sure.

  2. Wonderful idea – been thinking of you all. You have well water too, right? Hope you're ok for the next few months to come!

  3. P.U.S.H Pray until something happens. I believe in the power of prayer. The more out there, the more powerful it becomes.

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