The Exciting and Unknown

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My mom gets so tickled at me… I absolutely love to cook!  In fact, I shared with you my passion for cookbooks… remember that??  For Christmas they added to my already large cookbook collection… last night when I went to add them to the shelf, I was out of room… YIKES!  I guess I’ll just move all my cake decorating books to make room for cookbooks.

Anyway the reason my mom gets so tickled at my cooking love is because she HATES to cook.  In fact her mother (aka my grandma) always claimed to HATE cooking.  Funny thing about grandma though was she loved food.  When I was a kid and I would say food was nasty, she’d get mad at me and tell me I wasn’t allowed to say that about any food, but I could say I didn’t like it.

Now on the other hand, my dad’s mother (aka my grandma… LOL) Loves to cook.  My mom thinks that I must have gotten my love for cooking there.  My mom always claimed while dating my dad that my grandma could make a gourmet meal out of trash… LOL.

But I do have a passion for cooking.

I remember my love for cooking came about strong when I was in college.  I happened to be home one Christmas break and bored out of my mind… I’m not sure how stay at home mothers do it (btw back in the day they were called House wives… wonder when that changed).  I like to be out and about and talking to everyone :), I guess I’m kind of social like that… a couple days locked up in the house and I’m stir crazy, but I digress…. moving back to topic….  Just shy of 5pm I stumbled across a Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meals segment on Food Network.  Now first off at that time I had no clue what Food Network even was… I was just perusing through the tv stations.  After that episode, I was hooked!  In fact that night or maybe the next I made her recipe for Mexican Lasagna (minus the beans… shhhh don’t tell her ;))

I think I have been a Rachael Ray fan ever since.  Ok now she has a tv show, how awesome would it be to be on her show!  I know right 🙂

Anyway I have recently taken on an endeavor that may prove to be positive, it may not… but we’ll see.  I’d like to say that I was going to attend the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) I would choose Hyde Park, NY or Le Cordon Bleu in either Paris France or London England but… I’m not that rich!  Or maybe I’d like to say I had my own cooking show (maybe someday but not today)… so anyway I took a leap of faith after much deliberation with my husband and my family and much praying to God about sending me down the right path… so here’s to 2011 and an open door of endless opportunities.

On a side note… have you been to the Rachael Ray website?  She has some pretty cool gadgets!  I’m jealous… LOL

Check out these bad boys!

or this……

or even these… oh wait I have them 🙂

And nope, not getting anything for showing you these products… these are just some… keyword some… of my favorites.  I don’t know Rachael Ray but how cool would it be to know her 🙂

13 thoughts on “The Exciting and Unknown

  1. I love RACHAEL RAY and i want to be on her show too…i love her things, i love her voice, i love her quicky meals, i love her words for things such as EVOO….i just love RR. I became a Food Network junkie when I was home on maternity leave, now whenever I get the remote, which isnt too often, its tuned on the Food Network. I want to get her pots and pan set…i think i just love the colors…i do however really LOVE those EVOO thingys…LOL

  2. I LOVE cooking gadgets like those but I'm not a fan of cook books. I've never followed a recipe (except for baking) perfectly and I love experimenting in the kitchen. I look for recipes that people blog about or on famous sites (like PW) and then add a touch of love to make them my own!

  3. I love to cook, too, and I really miss having my kitchen more than anything else in this old tore-up house LOL. I even got a book of kitchen remodels from the library last night to get ideas. I can't wait until it's done (some day)!

    I can't see how stay-at-home moms do it, either. I guess I like to run myself silly. I'd rather be busy than bored anyday!

  4. Hmm, I do gotta say that being a Housewife doesn't mean you aren't busy……LOL! Just had to clarify that. Anywho….how can you be so terribly cruel to tease us with that little tidbit and not tell us what you are talking about???????

  5. I wish I liked cooking.. I like baking. But cooking… blah. I do it though, and I guess I'm decent. I just get so burned out!

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