Joint Parties!!

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So I was going to post this on Saturday but obviously didn’t get it done. By the way, one phrase you don’t want to hear when trying on your wedding gown, “It doesn’t Fit.” Then add in one of the bridesmaids says hers doesn’t fit. And then watch the zipper get broken on the Mother of the Bride dress. Top that off with turning your hair Blonde, and hey you have a party and a half!

So we started off Saturday headed to the florist. That all looks good. Then PC and Tbug left and went home and my mom and I ran errands. I’d decided I wanted highlights in my hair. PC told me to go get them done but my mom and I have done them out of the box before and it turned out just fine so I figured crunch time, I’ll just save some money. We bought a box and proceeded on. My hair just turned blonde in the process. 🙂 I have a few highlights of my natural hair color 🙂 It doesn’t look bad, it’s just a lot more blonde than I had imagined! (please ignore this picture it makes me look like I have back boobs or something :(…)
So then I went home and tried my dress on so we could work on making the bustle and mom kept pulling and pulling and pulling and I said, “What doesn’t it fit.” Jokingly of course and she said, “No.” About that time my heart hit my toes. Ok so instead of losing weight as a bride to be, I’ve gained 4 lbs. Seriously 4 lbs shouldn’t make a dress like that not fit… That’s water weight. I got to thinking when I tried it on it, it was with one of those bras that also sucked in your midsection and Saturday I only had on a strapless so that means I’m on the hunt for a mid-section sucker inner 🙂

So I texted both my gals standing up with me. Well one has her dress so she tried it on Saturday night and guess what, it didn’t fit. But it’s all good, I have the shawl that came with the dresses so she’s just having it altered.

So mom’s dress has a hidden zipper. Those always make for difficulty zipping up dresses so I didn’t zip it up all the way. Once she took it off and had it laying on the bed she went to zip it up and the zipper broke. Woohooooooo!

I can’t say I wasn’t a little frustrated by the end of Saturday but you know, it’s one day. It’s the lifetime after that really matters so hey… I might be getting married in jeans and boots but the important thing is I’m marrying my best friend, right?


So back to what I was going to post Saturday. A week ago Saturday, the day after my surprise lingerie shower, we had our bachelor/bachelorette parties. We did it as a joint effort :). This was still a surprise to me as well although PC was very much involved in it all.

We went to Frontier City in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was a lot of fun but boy was it hot! If you’ve ever been to Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, it is very similar to that just not nearly as big.

I’ve always wanted one of those old time photos taken. We decided we’d do one with our wedding party (since that was who was involved plus Noah’s girl he brought.)

Kalem, Noah, PC, Me, April, Shantel, & Evelyn

It was such a hot day! Noah and Shantel left before the rest of us. Then April left and drove on to Texas. Kalem, Evelyn, Mark and I though, we were hot, tired, hungry and thirsty! We drove down the road to Cracker Barrel and ate dinner. We couldn’t wait for our waitress to come get our drink orders and bring them back. She no more than brought the first round and PC told her she might as well bring his second round. So she went after that and we all proceeded to go through the menu. She came back, took our orders, walked off and brought us a pitcher of Coke. Since Kalem doesn’t drink coke, he had Dr. Pepper so she brought him 2 more glasses on top of what he already had.

Kalem pretending to drink the Coke straight from the pitcher.

Here were his extra Dr. Peppers.

We had a blast. I’m not really the stripper kinda gal so this was perfect for me!

This was taken somewhere between Oklahoma City and the first toll booth outside of Stroud. If you can’t tell it is 8:40pm and still 91 degrees.

While we were driving through Tulsa PC looked down and noticed that it was 99 degrees. Come on, we’re going North, not South!!!

Ok this car here, you can’t see it’s license plate but it cracked us up. It said “PITHED”. I think it might have been a combo of hot and tired but we laughed our heads off.


Maybe I should also tell you about our Friday night… PC and I are not living together. We decided even though we have the house, we are not living together until after we are married. So I haven’t stayed in our house since I was 16 and it was owned by other people. After the shower was over on that Friday night we thought, well let’s just stay here. Everyone was meeting up at our house anyway so we thought we wouldn’t have to get up nearly as early. You know, sleep in… This is a joke because I can sleep in on weekdays and on weekends I’m wide awake at 6am…

So anyway… we ran back to my parents house so I could grab some clothes and then went back to our house. So it was about 11:15-11:30 when we got home. I realized the shirt I wanted to wear was dirty so I threw it in the washer and jumped in the shower, and then once I was out we sat on the couch watching tv trying to stay awake. So when the washer went off and I hung my shirt up and threw all the rest in the dryer we headed to bed. All I could hear was every noise: the windmill squeeks, the dryer was running, the clock on the dresser was ticking, the air conditioner kicking on and off and on again. I was about to go nuts. Just about the time I thought I could finally drift off to sleep the door bell rings. I looked at the clock, 12:45am. Who the heck is at the door?

April left her cell phone at our house but I really didn’t think it was her. Who was it? PC went and answered the door. It was the neighbor. We left our gates open so she came up the driveway. Said she was sorry to wake us but that there was a GMC Jimmy parked on one side of our driveway that they had the sheriff remove and 2 guys walking through our woods with flashlights that the guy in the Jimmy wasn’t with and just wanted us to know. Then she proceeded to introduce herself and her family and ask if the previous owners lived there still and on and on for probably 10-15 minutes.

Yup you guessed it, once she left then I really couldn’t sleep. In fact the windmill started sounding like a screeching dog. I so can’t wait until Bear moves out there with us!

And then, I was wide awake at 6am on Saturday morning. So much for sleeping in!

Saturday night we got home around midnight and Sunday I slept in until 10:30am! Woohoooo one day defeated!

So there was our bachelor/bachelorette party!

Joke time:
A little boy was in a relative’s wedding. As he was coming down the aisle, he would take two steps, stop, and turn to the crowd. While facing the crowd, he would put his hands up like claws and roar. So it went, step, step, ROAR, step, step, ROAR, all the way down the aisle. As you can imagine, the crowd was near tears from laughing so hard by the time he reached the pulpit. When asked what he was doing, the child sniffed and said, “I was being the Ring Bear.”

Peace, Love, & Bears!

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  1. What a great party.

    Scary about the guys walking through the woods.. I wouldn't be able to sleep either!

    and HILARIOUS joke! That is too stinkin cute!

  2. sorry about the little mishaps. i like your hair blonde but then again i may just be baiased haha. Good luck with everything I am sure your wedding is going to turn out fantastic!!

  3. Id like to see a front face picture of your blonde hair, I bet it suits you!

    Sounds like a very full weekend!!! Wedding activities are so fun, especially bachelorette party! woo hoo!


  4. Ahhh you did an old photo! I love those!!

    Don't worry about the dress not fitting. I promise the few days before the wedding you will be too overwhelmed to eat and lose the weight right away.

  5. Where to start???? The joke… I LOVE IT! I was reading it while at work and was really trying to not laugh too loud (you can hear a pin drop in here right now!)

    Sounds like you've had your stress now in the wedding prep, so I hope everything else goes well and there is nothing or NO ONE that interferes with your happy day! 🙂

    What'd PC say about your hair?

    I don't miss the Midwest heat and humidity! 🙂

    OK… I'm scared now for you in your woods! 🙁 At least you know you have a concerned neighbor!

  6. I love that old timey picture!! What a great keepsake.

    Oh & PS – my gown still doesn't fit right – I tried on dress B tongith at my fitting 🙁

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